Candy Chicks MOD APK (Menu/Lots of money, items) 0.99.72

Candy Chicken MOD APK information

menu mode

  • Start the game with 1000 energy
  • Start the game to earn 10000
  • Start the game to earn 10000 gems
  • Start the game to earn more items

Business is inherently less complicated than we often imagine. If you want to know more about it, Candy Chicks is your best choice. Become a hard worker for a toy company that is on the verge of bankruptcy. Make it revive and become the most influential company in the market. From business trips to faraway places to experience and discover new things. Your business talent will soon be revealed.

Surely you are too familiar with interactive and puzzle games. Of course, Candy Chicks will make you fascinated with wonderful things. Images in the game are reproduced completely and vividly as reality. The actions and operations are also simple without any complications. However, you will have to use some of your thinking abilities to complete these puzzles. Train your intelligence every day without worrying about stress.

Download Candy Chicks Mod – Run Your Business Efficiently

Coming to this story, you will be an employee with great potential in a large company. So income has dropped recently, which has caused your workplace to close. Seeing that the situation needs to change, the beautiful director calls you to her office. Here, your task is to find new sources for certain items. began his business trips to the faraway Amazon to build relationships with the indigenous people. Work with them to produce new and unique toy products. Bring in huge revenue quickly and economically for your company. However, this can be a challenge.

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Candy Chicken mod for free

meet partners

Of course, in any business trip, we also need a partner to carry out the mission. The friends you will meet in Candy Chicks are sexy girls who will show you how to do your job well. As a result, you can learn a lot of valuable experiences to improve the company. Join the fun games and have a sweet time with these beautiful women. Everyone has a different personality, such as strong, weak or stylish. These conversations will give you more information about them. From there, it’s easy to come up with strategies to work through your emotions.

capture the moment

Each trip will leave you with unforgettable memories with your companions. Therefore, your beloved phone is a convenient tool that is always with you. After completing the requests and unlocking the intimate images, save them. Then, at any point, you can pull it out and review what happened. What a simple approach, but much more beneficial. Not only that, you can contact anyone by phone. Receive messages and tasks through the accompanying app. Everything can be controlled with just a few buttons and simple operations.

Candy Chick mod APK

great store

The store is the place to supply everything you need for your trips and appointments. Depending on your financial situation, there are accessories that are sold from cheap to expensive. Each will help under certain conditions. It will also add romance to your date. Make everything easier without too much effort. However, to have enough money to buy items, you need to work hard to complete the tasks. Participate in daily activities to increase your income. Spending money wisely will also help you reap the added benefits.

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Candy Chick Mod Android

solve puzzles

The Candy Chicks challenge is designed in a classic and beautiful match-3 format. The challenging levels will be from easy to difficult. The later, the more you will have to think to overcome the challenges it presents. If you feel too stuck, you can use additional support tools. These tools will help destroy one or more tiles at a time, depending on the effect. Rest assured, if you fail, you can try again and again. You will become more mature each time you pass challenging levels. Accumulate as many good skills as possible to reduce the difficulties you may encounter.

Daily brain training through games always brings great benefits. The Candy Chicks mod will accompany you throughout the process of building your company.

Download Candy Chicks MOD APK for Android (Menu/Lots of Money, Items)

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