Can you spot the dog hidden in the clown picture within 6 seconds? Test your observation!

How good are you finding hidden objects? If you think you are good, then you must try this incredible picture puzzle that we prepared for you today. These hidden object puzzles are a great way to test your observation skills. If solved correctly and regularly, these puzzles will help you improve your memory, logical and reasoning thinking as well as observation skills. This has been scientifically proven. Researchers also say that these picture puzzles are known to significantly improve your mood. So if you’re having a busy day, want to improve your cognitive skills, or are just looking for a fun puzzle to solve, we’ve got you covered. Let’s start.

Brain Damage Quiz – Find the hidden dog in the clown picture within 6 seconds

Take a look at today’s picture puzzle.

Source: Juan Luis Roldan

The puzzle above shows a clown in a red costume smiling from ear to ear. The clown seemed to be standing in the middle of nowhere. You might think that the clown is the only thing present in the jigsaw, but you’d be wrong. There is also a dog hidden somewhere in the picture. Now your goal is to find the dog hidden in the picture within 6 seconds. It is said that only those with good observational skills can solve this conundrum. You have 6 seconds to solve this puzzle. So make the most of it. Your time starts now. All the best!

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The solution to this puzzle is given at the end. When you run out of time, just scroll down.

Solution to the puzzle

If you can spot the hidden dog in the clown picture, congratulations. Here is the solution:


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