Can you spot all four animals in this optical illusion? The first one you see reveals a lot about your personality

THIS baffling optical illusion can help you to discover your dominant personality trait based on one simple clue.

The animal you see first in the puzzling picture can reveal what kind of person you are – a believer, leader or thinker?


What do you see first?Credit: Twitter

In this busy scene, there is a lot to unpack. Four animals are hiding within the brain teaser – fish, birds, a gorilla and a lion.

Each of these, depending on what you saw first, gives clues into your personality.

What did you see first?

If you saw a gorilla first (on the left side of the image), it could mean you are more of a believer and analytical thinker.

These two traits go hand-in-hand to suggest you might get driven by curiosity and search for information before you attempt to solve a problem.

At the centre top of the image are flying birds and if you spotted these winged creatures first, then you are an honest person.

It may also mean that you are more of a natural leader that guides others.

However, if you saw the lion (facing the gorilla on the right) then you could be a dominant person that strives to reach to the top.

That ambition might also mean you help to push others to improve.

At the bottom of the image are fish. If you spotted them first then you are in the 1 per cent to do so and it suggests you are both idealistic and kind.

On a similar thread, whichever animal you see first in this mind-bending illusion can tell you whether you are a people pleaser.

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If you prefer more of challenge – you can test you vision to see if you can spot the crown-wearing corgi among a sea of the dogs in under 49 seconds.

You might also have some seriously impressive vision skills if you can spot the odd rose out in this sea of thorny roses in under 10 seconds.

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Some help of you need it to find all the animals


Some help of you need it to find all the animalsCredit: Twitter

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