Can Squid Game Season 2 Match The Show’s Brutality? (It Shouldn’t)

squid game Season 1 grabbed viewers’ attention with its brutal childish play, but season 2 was better off taking the show in a different direction. The Netflix series used its brutality to tell a story about inequality between economic classes, and it was a huge success. Of course, it takes more than a season for a show to win, so squid game Season 2 needs a sequel to be just as good (if not better) — but Shock Factor may not be the way to go.

this”red light, green light“When the game starts squid game Season 1 left viewers shocked as events turned more brutal and bloody than anyone expected. This continued for the rest of the season, game after game, with more players being gruesomely murdered and more money being added to the winnings. In the end, hundreds of people died, and Gi-hun was too painful to enjoy his victory. These bloody games are squid game Season 1, but season 2 had to go from a different angle to achieve the same success.

Why Squid Game Season 2 can’t be compared to Season 1

great positive feedback squid game Proving the terrifying brutality of season 1 had exactly the reaction it had always wanted. Players couldn’t help but keep playing, spectators couldn’t help but watch more – both disgusted and mesmerized by the horror squid game game. By the end of season 1, however, brutality had become the norm and the shocking value was gone. Currently, squid game Season 2 is at a disadvantage because it can’t match this level of unsettling appeal.

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if squid game If season 2 returns to the same formula as season 1, viewers may lose interest. Audiences love what they see, but repeating the same level and pattern of brutality can seem like a hopeless attempt to recreate something good. Also, if season 2 continues to focus on Gi-hun, jumping into the game again won’t help move his character forward because he’s already there and done it.

The ink game can do more with part 2

Ink Game Part 2 Lee Jung Jae as Ki Hoon

at the end of squid game In season 1, Gi-hun leaves the plane that was supposed to take him to America to meet his daughter, vowing to end it no matter what. There’s so much Ki-hoon and the audience still don’t understand about these bloody events. So instead of focusing on the next series of games like the first season, squid game Season 2 must give viewers a different perspective.

Previous games were primarily played from the player’s point of view, so all the gory details were up-close and personal. However, if squid game Season 2 shrinks and reveals a bigger picture of the game’s structure and inner workings, and can shock audiences in entirely new ways. Of course, there will still be many horrors squid game Dead character. But that’s not the problem squid game. If the performance continues to be successful, it needs to prove that it has a few valid notes to play.

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