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Cameron Morton was arrested for possession and trafficking of marijuana. But he had no idea that by going to prison he would find love that otherwise would not have been possible.

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Love after jail: are Cameron Morton and Aris Morton still together?

Yes, as of December 2022, Cameron Morton is still together with Aris Morton. And if! They got married too! Lovebirds held their wedding in June 2022.

Still stunned by God’s intervention, Aris took to her IG on November 14, writing, “I have my heart, I have my mind, just when I thought I had my life figured out. God blessed me with a loving husband.”

Similarly, Cameron believes they are meant to be. He recently featured them on his IG on December 19, which is also the first photo of them on Cameron’s IG.

Looking back, Cameron first met Aris after she entered his DM. It seems that the lady was interested in Cameron’s career as a rising rapper. Furthermore, she even admitted that she wants to have her babies after her prison release.

But it turned out that Aris already has a beautiful daughter from his previous relationship. Her name is Anyelina and she turned 9 years old on January 15, 2022. Celebrating Mother’s Day last year, Aris thanked her daughter for choosing her as her mother. There is no girl like her, she told the “best friend of hers” of hers, hers “sweet” Lina of hers.

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You can find more about their love story in Love After Lockup Season 4.

Also shown alongside Cameron and Aris are their colleagues Monique and Derek, Ashley and Travis, Nathan and Skylar, Gabby and Chris, and Michael and Justine.

What do we know about Cameron Morton’s arrest record?

It was November 18, 2018, when Cameron Morton and his friend Kenneth McCleod were arrested after the duo picked up packages that smelled like marijuana at baggage claim at the Northern Kentucky International Airport.

Police reportedly followed two suspicious packages after the Frontier flight took off from Las Vegas. So, as the authorities locked Cameron and Kenneth in for questioning, Cameron tried to run away and the officer shot him with a Taser.

They were then charged with reselling less than five kilograms of marijuana and possession of marijuana. Additionally, Cameron was charged with fleeing or eluding police.

They were initially being held at the Boone County Jail with bond set at $10,000 for both suspects.

But all that is in the past, Cameron is a different man now. He admits that although he only took the “necessary steps to change [his] life for the better” so people would see him happy, “he’s actually starting to feel good about some of the changes he’s made.

However, the former persuader is sad that it took him “to go to prison and trials with 10 lives” to get back on track.

The Cameron Morton era

Cameron Morton was born in 1991. That’s why he turned 31 in 2022.

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He is one year older than his wife Ovan.

Cameron Morton Height

Cameron Morton is under 5 feet 8 inches (173 cm) tall.

According to him, it stopped growing in 2010.

Is Cameron Morton on Instagram?

Find him on Instagram @ogkam_bam.

Also, here is his Facebook @ameron.morton.71.

Cameron Morton’s work

Cameron Morton is a rapper on the rise. His name is OG Kam and he has already released 4 albums: Kry 4 Help, Pt. 3 (2018), 800 Degreez (2019), Original Gangsta (2019) and BASS (2020).

Some of his popular musical works include Own It, Gangsta, Top Down, Unaffordable, Prepared, and Be Good.

You can also find their music on streaming platforms like Spotify or Apple music.

For all official inquiries, find him on FB @OGkam3522 and Twitter @OGKam800.

Trivia: Cameron’s new epic would be released in late December 2022.

Cameron Morton net worth

Cameron Morton has net worth less than $150K by 2022.

  • When is Cameron Morton’s birthday?

Cameron receives his birthday cards on December 21.

  • Where is Cameron Morton from?

Cameron comes from Cincinnati.

But as of 2022, he was living in Miami, Florida.

  • What do we know about the Cameron Morton family?

Cameron comes from a family of at least six. Sadly, his father, Charles “Chuck” Morton, passed away in 2021. Paying tribute to his father, Cameron wrote on his FB: “My fucking father, the first gangster I ever met, the rawest mf you know. BIG KILLA, my brother of the soul.”

Unfortunately, the last conversation Cameron had with his father was in prison. She now regrets that she will never close.

As for her mother, Stephanie Morton was alive and well. She lived in Fairfax, Ohio, and worked as a digital creator. Prior to that, she was a mail handler for the United States Postal Service, a claims handler for Prudential Life Insurance Company, and a claims handler for the Ohio State Employment Service.

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On Stephanie’s birthday in 2019 (meaning 13th September), Cameron posted on her FB: “Happy birthday mommy I love you so much I know I stress you out like none of the other kids but you mean more to me than anyone another thing. in this world. “

Speaking of her siblings, her sister EricaLynn Sewell is a former MARTA bus operator and her other sister Stephanie T Harper is a digital creator at The Universe and also a CEO/Financial Advisor at Harper and Harper Financial LLC.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any information on Cameron’s sister, Poptag Nekeyah.

On Stephanie’s birthday (meaning September 13) 2016, Cameron posed on her FB: “It’s not 12 yet, but I want to be the first to wish my beautiful sister a happy birthday the first time you weren’t around. I’m here to tell you.” person I won’t write a paragraph, but I love you and hope you enjoy it, Stephanie T Harper.”

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