Caktus AI: How to use the ChatGPT alternative that can write essays for you

Caktus AI is an alternative to ChatGPT that has aroused the interest of many people on the web, with approximately 1.1 million users accessing the service as of early 2023. It is not as popular as ChatGPT, but it has a unique version of what is generated. by AI. content.

The student-focused tool has taken AI content creation to the next level with features not seen in other services. The brand also offers a number of additional script generators and various other tools in countless unique categories. This is what you need to know about Caktus AI.

What is Cactus AI?

Caktus – the first educational artificial intelligence for students

Caktus AI is a content generation tool with several different options besides writing. Its creators call it an “academic options search engine” as it provides content for a number of different topics, including STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) and college, as well as coding and career services. It has been compared to ChatGPT because of the way the essay writer, paragraph writer, and other writing tools work. It could also avoid AI plagiarism detection better than its competition and has the ability to add citation sources to essays.

The additional tools included in Caktus AI make the service much more complete than ChatGPT or many other AI generators.

How to use the Cactus AI

Caktus AI works similar to AI generators like Jasper AI in that you can enter a text query into the desired service and the chatbot will generate content for you. You will need to register an account to access its features. Unlike many other services that often allow you to use your Google, Apple, or Microsoft account as your login, you’ll need to manually create a username and password.

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You should check the company’s terms of service before signing up, as the Caktus AI free trial appears to have ended and there is no easy way to access your account unless you choose to pay for the Premium service.

What can you do with Caktus AI?

Caktus AI has several functions. You can use it for a number of writing tasks, along with coding and professional development, among others. many have realized Ted Talk to Essay and YouTube for rehearsal are some of the most interesting features of Caktus AI. The latter, for example, can help you use a YouTube video to develop your own script.

Since the product is divided into different sections, it helps you navigate the instructions you would need to enter into the AI ​​builder to get the content you need.

Caktus AI provides several different topics within each section so you can focus on the role you want, including writing, coding, career, learning, STEM, entertainment, arts, and science. You can review many of the different special interest generators available on the dashboard before you log in and sign up.

Some of the best coding scripts available on Caktus AI include Python writer, Java writer, C# writer, Javascript writer, Go writer, and Typescript writer. For example, you can enter C.Create code for racing game. in a Javascript writer and it will generate unique code that you can use to build your application. There is also an option that will explain how the code works.

Caktus AI also offers language tutors for Spanish, Italian, Russian, Japanese, French, and Arabic, as well as a Mandarin speaker.

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The STEM section of Caktus AI contains several science, math, and business generators, including a general problem solver, present value calculator, derivative calculator, integral calculator, chemistry analyzer, and geology tutor.

Some of the happiest uses for Caktus AI include generating truancy excuses, love letters, poems, headlines, and text responses. You can also create flashcards and use the citation generator separately from the essay writer.

Can Caktus AI write essays?

Yes, Caktus AI can generate essays. The Caktus AI essay generator works a little differently than what many people may be used to with ChatGPT. This product has its different services separated by topic, which can simplify query entry because the service already knows you want an essay.

An essay on Caktus ai is being created.

Unlike ChatGPT, which requires you to indicate that you need a 50, 200 or 500 word essay on a specific topic for optimal results, Caktus AI can start generating content with multiple keyword queries or more general statement queries. .

Since the essay builder is aimed at students, it only produces a certain amount of content before allowing you to continue pressing the button Write more button. This then leads to a C.itation selectorallowing you to choose a source to use to create additional content and then cite that source in your AI-generated essay.

Do you have to pay for Caktus AI?

Yes, you have to pay to use Caktus AI. There is currently no free or trial tier of the product. Clicking on any of the services on the dashboard will take you to the login page. If you register for an account, you will be prompted to subscribe to the Service. Caktus AI subscription costs $10 per month and according to their terms and services, canceling the service could be challenging.

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Cacktus AI prices.

It seems that there was previously a free trial of Caktus AI, which offered 5000 characters free of charge. The premium version of the AI ​​service previously offered a two-day free trial, according to Blogger’s Grotto. Reddit users have noticed that these free options have disappeared in recent days in favor of a subscription-only based service.

Who is the owner of Caktus AI?

Caktus AI was co-founded by Harrison Leonard and Tao Zhang in May 2022.

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