Trumpworld Scoffs at Allegations That Tucker Carlson’s Son Is a Nepotism Baby

Major players in Trumpworld are making their allegiances known: They’re on Team Tucker. A parade of MAGA characters rushed to the star Fox News host’s defense this week after nepotism accusations were leveled against his son, Buckley Carlson, for the position he holds in a House Republican’s office. The intraparty firestorm appears to have started last Friday, when The Daily Beast published a story featuring an anonymous quote mocking Representative Jim Banks for giving Buckley a plum job. “Deep down, he dies to be liked by the establishment. He hires Tucker Carlson’s son, a 24-year-old kid, to be his communications director,” the unnamed GOP strategist said of Banks.

The prime suspect—in Carlson’s eyes—is reportedly Representative Tom Emmer, the National Republican Congressional Committee chairman who is expected to challenge Banks for House whip if Republicans retake the lower chamber this cycle. According to Axios, the Fox star has privately called Emmer and demanded that the lawmaker offer up the name of the strategist who suggested that his son wasn’t qualified for the job. Carlson reportedly told Emmer he would pin the blame directly on him unless the name is coughed up—a threat he has reportedly stood by despite Emmer’s insistence that his office had nothing to do with the quote.

After the beef was made public, Donald Trump Jr., whose livelihood is largely staked on his father’s success, stood up for Buckley, writing in a Sunday tweet, “It was bad enough that RINO Tom Emmer had his henchmen attack Tucker Carlson’s 25-year-old son to the Daily Beast, but now Emmer is trying to throw the staff of another member of Congress under the bus to cover his own ass??? What a pathetic coward.” Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene also sided with the Carlsons over her party’s congressional campaign chair. “I stand with Buckley Carlson,” she tweeted, without any further explanation. Moreover, Arthur Schwartz, a notable Trumpworld political operative, declared that the incident will cause “quite a few members…to distance themselves from Emmer’s leadership race,” while pro-Trump commentator Charlie Kirk denounced Emmer as an establishment “swamp creature” in a Sunday tweet.

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Other Republicans—though more of the Never Trump variety—mocked the MAGA crowd. “I stand with Bill Buckley,” tweeted Bill Kristol, a reference to the late founder of National Review. “Tucker’s grown adult son is a triggered zoomer who needs a safe space in the workplace so his dad Karen’d and called his boss to tell him he better be nice to his boy. Mortifying,” tweeted Tim Miller.

In a statement to Axios, an NRCC spokesperson reiterated that Emmer had nothing to do with Buckleygate. “Chairman Emmer and his staff have never attacked any other members’ staff. Period,” said NRCC communications director Michael McAdams. “These baseless accusations are meant to distract and divide Republicans. Our focus is on retaking the majority and firing Nancy Pelosi.

Carlson has been no stranger to controversy lately. Earlier this month, the host interviewed the artist formerly known as Kanye West—during which the two discussed the need for a “White Lives Matter” movement—a few days before the rapper announced he was going “death con 3 On the JEWISH PEOPLE.”

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