British High Commissioner eats chili ice cream on the street, people say

Recently, British High Commissioner Alex Ellis showed his love for Indian food by enjoying famous roadside eateries in Mumbai. She took to Twitter to share two photos of herself enjoying a snack.

British High Commissioner tasted Mumbai bread and chili ice cream

Image source: Twitter/@AlexWellis

Try a sandwich at British High Commission Mumbai: Indian food is different. There are many Indian dishes that have no taste response. Foreigners also eat ostentatiously. Recently, British High Commissioner Alex Ellis (Alexander Ellis) showed his love for Indian food and enjoyed Mumbai’s famous roadside snacks. She took to Twitter to share two photos of herself enjoying a snack. He wrote, ‘Today I ate like a Mumbaikar. I’m Mumbai Sandwich and Chilli Ice Cream I’ve tried it.

In the widely circulated photo, the British High Commissioner can be seen enjoying Mumbai’s famous sandwich and chili ice cream. In the title, he also writes the Marathi word which means to eat. By the time the news was published, the post had been viewed more than a million times, liked by more than 2,000 people. At the same time, in response, more than half of Twitter users suggested what he should try next. Now, take a look at Alice’s post.

When the British High Commissioner enjoys a Mumbai sandwich

One user asked the British High Commissioner, ‘Have you ever tried Chole Bhature in Rajouri Gardens?’ At the same time, another user wrote, Try the Bachelor Ice Cream at Girgaon Chowpatty, you will love it. Another user asked to go to hyderabad, the afghan food here is really amazing. Not too spicy like Indian food.

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However, we will tell you that this is not the first time the British High Commissioner has tasted Indian food. Before that, he also tried South Indian food Masala Dosa and Vada Pav from Mumbai. Later, the British High Commissioner won the hearts of Indians by eating masala dosa with his own hands. Sharing the video on Twitter, he wrote, 92 percent of people gave me the right advice. Dosa is great to eat with your hands. Its testing is also surprising.

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