Boruto Can Never Escape Naruto’s Shadow, & Kurama’s Death Prove It

The death of the zebra was clearly a shocking event bloggers.However, this distortion, in addition to showing narutoThe sequel is still trying to eliminate the mistakes made in the first place.

The Nine-Tailed Fox is a nine-tailed fox youkai that was bound to Naruto when he was born to prevent Naruto from rampaging and destroying Konoha. The incident not only killed Naruto’s parents but also separated him from the rest of the villagers, many of whom had lost loved ones in Kurama’s attack and viewed Naruto as a monster. Over time, Naruto was able to overcome these prejudices and even develop a positive relationship with his inner spirit, making Kurama a friend and, in the process, a human. fan-favorite. bloggersIn Naruto, Kurama sacrificed his life to save Naruto from the deadly consequences of the technique he used to protect his son Boruto and his student Kawaki.

What should have been a shocking turning point is revealed bloggersmore defects. First, it proves that the series still needs characters from previous installments (mainly Naruto and Sasuke) to keep fans interested. Killing Kurama means a big change, but for Naruto, who is now just a side character. It’s true that Boruto and Kawaki had to deal with something while Naruto and Sasuke were sidelined in the final battle, but they were still there, constantly “onscreen”, doing things that influenced decisions. meaning of others. Kurama’s death doesn’t affect Boruto or his young ninja friends directly, so it seems the writer just wanted to ditch a beloved character for something relevant to happen. , and it happened, but it didn’t happen with the right character.

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bloggers try to look different naruto as much as possible but don’t give up narutoThe settings, in the end, proved to be contradictory. The villains in the sequel are cyborgs or god-like aliens from the Otsutsuki clan, not just rival ninjas. bloggers There is also a greater emphasis on technology as a source of power, making ninja technology less important. However, this is still not enough, because the main setting is still Konoha village and all the ninjas of the old generation are still there, which is sure to arouse the attention of fans. Pommel Horse’s death proves the problem is real, as such a major plot is being applied to a character who should no longer be the main character. There are only two possible outcomes: either the loved one dies naruto The characters are dropped as something extra, or it diverts more attention away from the so-called main character of the manga.

the only way is bloggers What can avoid the cumbersome shadows of its predecessor is to set the story out of Konoha and show Naruto as little as possible. However, the manga didn’t have the guts to do that, so now it has to deal with side characters that distract the main character. Killing the dark horse could be a follow-up attempt to “make things different” narutobut applied to supporting characters as a major plot twist, it has the opposite effect. The death of the pack horse only proves that bloggers can never get past its biggest flaw.

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