Bob’s Burgers: The Belcher Kids 10 Best Halloween Costumes

Bob’s Burgers has become a staple animated show that has rallied an immense fan base. Over the past 11 seasons, there have been episodes themed around holidays. Everything from Christmas, Thanksgiving, St.Patrick’s Days and more importantly, Halloween.

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There are more than a handful of spooktacular Halloween episodes that are fun to watch. Besides the great storyline, the Belcher kids are quite innovative and think out of the box when it comes to their Halloween costumes. Who can forget how Louise managed to represent Edward Scissorhands before Bob made her lose the actual scissors. For safety reasons of course. There are plenty more creative costumes that would be perfect to dress up as for Halloween.

Mombie (Tina): Season 8, Episode 3

In season eight, the Belcher kids are ready to head out on the hunt for those sweet treats. While Gene is dressed up as a stem full of grapes, Tina got creative with her simple yet fun costume. She presented herself as a “mombie.”

Not just any mom, but Tina honed in her inner Linda. She borrowed her iconic red shirt and blue jeans while wearing green face paint. Linda even made the joke that Tina looks hip and young instead of a mom. Tina backfired saying that in those jeans, she totally looks like a mom.

Fiona Applesauce (Gene): Season 10, Episode 4

Gene in season 10 of Bobs Burgers

Leave it to Gene to put a fun spin on the Grammy-winning artist, Fiona Apple. Much like how the show turns their episode titles into puns, Gene has a similar idea. In this episode, he used a fun play on words to dress up as the singer. At first, Linda had no idea who he was dressed as. Gene wore a brown wig while wearing cardboard cut out of a jar of applesauce.

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It wouldn’t make much sense at first but once Gene says who he is, it garners a chuckle. Since Fiona Apple has a fruit as her last name, he played it up by instead being Applesauce. Hence him wearing a jar of applesauce.

No Country For Old Men (Louise): Season 8, Episode 3

Louise in season 8 of Bobs Burgers

In the same episode as where Tina is a “mombie,” Louise always tends to base her costumes on more serious characters. In this case, she bases her costume of the killer in the popular film No Country For Old Men. Audiences expect nothing less from Louise.

Out of a score of 10, Louise came in at a nine for representing the character. She wore the bobbed wig, the brown jacket and even McGuivered herself an oxygen tank. An empty liter bottle covered in tape and a small hose does the trick. Not to mention the pink hat ears add a touch of Louise.

Mommy Mummy (Tina): Season 3, Episode 2

Tina as a Mommy Mummy in season 3 of Bobs Burgers

Tina combined the struggle of a single mom and a classic Halloween character, a mummy together into a cohesive costume. In this episode, she calls herself a “Mommy Mummy” and covers herself entirely in toilet paper. That trick has been used for years when it comes to representing the scary monster.

To add the parent effect she also wraps a baby doll in toilet paper. It’s her monologue that gets a good chuckle that also speaks about being a strong woman. She says she’s a single mom working two jobs just trying to get back out there. Bob is more concerned that Tina doesn’t waste toilet paper and asks her to return it when she’s done.

The Bjorn Identity (Louise): Season 10, Episode 4

Louise as Bjorn Identity season 10

In the same episode where Gene dresses up as Fiona Applesauce, Louise also has a unique twist on her costume. Many can recall the Matt Damon film The Bourne Identity. A film about a man who wakes up with amnesia and must uncover who he really is.

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Louise took the film to and played a fun trick. Instead of The Bourne Identity, she went as The Bjorn Identity. It’s hard to fully understand what the costume is in reference to. Is it a play on words of the film or is it a comical reference to the Youtube video by David Freiheit where he mimics the film but in the form of a parent?

Queen Latifah (Gene): Season 3, Episode 2

Gene as Queen Latifah Bobs Burgers

Gene loves dressing up as famous and inspirational people. It was no surprise that for one Halloween he dressed up as rapper/actress Queen Latifah during her U.N.I.T.Y. phase a the beginning of her musical career. He wore a similar outfit to what she wore during the 2010 BET Awards.

Gene did his best to mimic the look and gets a solid 10/10. He even copied the necklace shaped like the country of Africa. The only discrepancy was the color of the jacket that was black in real life.

Andre 3000 The Giant (Gene): Season 9, Episode 4

Gene as Andre 3000 the giant in Bobs Burgers

Gene really took the cake when he presented himself as “Andre 3000 the Giant.” It’s a mash-up of the famous professional wrestling icon and actor Andre the Giant and Andre 3000. Andre 3000 was known for being part of the hip hop duo, Outkast.

Gene combined the typical wrestling attire, Andre the Giant would wear with a look that Andre 3000 wore with the hat and facial hair. If you pay attention, Linda says, ‘So Fresh, So Gene,” in reference to the lyrics, “So Fresh, So Clean,” from one of their songs.

Nun Of Your Business (Tina): Season 9, Episode 4

Tina as a Nun in Bobs Burgers

Episode four of the ninth season took wins for being a Halloween episode where the Belcher kids outdid themselves with the costumes. Mainly because of their comical puns and play on words. Tina is dressed as a nun holding a briefcase.

She tells Linda that she’s dress as, “Nun of Your Business.” Linda doesn’t get the joke and it flies right over her head. Tina combined a nun’s attire with a businessman’s briefcase to play a pun on the phrase, “None of your business.” Linda thinks she’s just being a cranky nun who has a lot of work to do.

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Dragon With The Girl Tattoo (Louise): Season 9, Episode 4

Louise and Girl with the Dragon Tattoo in Bobs Burgers

To finish off the Belcher costumes for episode four in the ninth season is Louise. She flipped the script, as Linda puts it, on the mystery/thriller film, A Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Instead of a girl with a dragon tattoo, Louise went dressed as a dragon with a tattoo of a girl.

It’s a fun costume that not many have probably thought of. It’s a literally flip on words of the movie title. Classic Louise. Especially since she tackled yet another serious film that isn’t necessarily appropriate for her age.

Sand-Witch (Tina): Season 7, Episode 3

Tina in season 7 of Bobs Burgers

In this episode of the seventh season, fans of the show actually see a handful of different costumes that Tina wears. This is because she goes back to every Halloween costume competition she looses at school. She obviously outshines the others in a kangaroo costume and even an extravagant cabaret/magic ensemble.

Fans even get to see how Louise got banned from the competition for dressing up exactly like the loveable yet often disliked side character, Mr.Frond. Tina wins in the hearts of fans with her “Sand-Witch” costume. Two slices of bread with a witch in the middle. Tina really outdid herself with the play on words as well as the execution of the costume.

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