Bob’s Burgers: 10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up The Show

with bob’s burger movie and the highly anticipated thirteenth season, Bob’s Burgers It has become one of the most loved animated sitcoms The Simpsons All thanks to an equally iconic and lovely family. Bob and Linda Belcher and their three children are unique and memorable in their own right.

That makes them the perfect choice for the show’s fan-made meme theme. Bob’s Burgers‘The various subplots mean this isn’t the easiest show to put together and the creators of these memes have done an excellent job.

Bob’s burgers are perfect for any occasion

While other shows always require the viewer’s complete attention or are too quiet and calm to focus on, Bob’s Burgers is one of the few shows that viewers can enjoy the way they want. Once they get into the rhythm of the show, its simple episodic nature means it can sink into the background.

However, it’s also a show that grabs viewers’ attention with subtle character development, hilarious visual jokes, and some surprises that really reveal more about the lovable characters. of the program.

Linda is still underrated

Bob’s Burgers There’s certainly no shortage of underrated supporting characters, but some fans have noticed that even protagonists like Linda are sometimes overlooked. While “Bob and Linda’s Burgers” may not sound like it, Linda is the only thing that keeps this place alive and deserves credit for it.

Not only that, it feels like the audience has something unknown about Chung Gia Han. When it comes to her childhood and what made her the intelligent, outgoing character she is today, there’s a lot to explore in the film and that’s well deserved for a character. loved by fans.

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Comprehensive cast of characters

There are even shows with great actors Bob’s Burgers It can be difficult to create an alignment that captures their personalities, but for an animated sitcom that’s no problem. While not everyone agrees with these arrangements, Louise falls into one of the most controversial categories of the “legal” category, and there’s no denying that most of the categories apply.

The beauty of this is that no matter which affiliation the viewer most empathizes with, there is a character on the show that they can relate to as well. That’s why people end up developing a close relationship with these characters Bob’s Burgers.

a great movie

memorable Bob’s Burgers More than just a show with 12 stellar seasons, as it can now add a critically acclaimed series to its list of accomplishments. While it retains the tone of the series, with a murder mystery at its core and Bob might have to sell his shop if they can’t figure it out, it does have some real stakes.

Not only that, there are some truly emotional moments that elevate a most anticipated series, like any episode of the series, just longer. That’s why fans happily admit that the film has brought them to tears, even those who haven’t seen it may still not understand.

Actual pictures of siblings

Bob’s Burgers It has its flaws, but the way the show captures what it really feels like to be part of a family is the main reason it’s become one of the best sitcoms on TV. While Tina, Gene, and Louise are clearly in love, they also spend a lot of time arguing and annoying each other.

Like real families, they can be rude to each other and even say harsh things, which only strengthens their closeness. It also helps that Louise, the most disorganized member of the family, have no trouble saying the things that people sometimes want to say but can’t.

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bob is all of us

What makes Bob Belcher the perfect face for a meme is that, as realistic and sane as he is, he also happens to be one of the most annoying characters around. Being surrounded by a family is often energetic or faced with difficulties he simply isn’t equipped to handle, the dry humor and tired look he uses to dealing with all is fun and easy to understand.

When other cartoon TV dads are often portrayed as angry, goofy, and generally overzealous, it’s clear why fans love a balanced character like Bob so much. Plus, Bob is the perfect icon for those reluctant to be dragged along by more active friends and family.

Bob’s Burgers is a top notch animated sitcom

While it makes no sense to argue about the best animated sitcom on TV, the truth is Bob’s Burgers Compared to competing family programs, it feels superior. The Simpsons It is without a doubt a pioneer, with a lot of programming clearly inspired by its family dynamics and focused on everyday struggles.

However, with engaging characters, hilarious visual jokes, and an elaborately choreographed story filled with subtle lessons, Bob’s Burgers awaken The Simpsons at its best for a show like this boy’s family It relies heavily on ridiculous and illogical jokes. Both have their merits, but that’s understandable Bob’s Burgers Fans often feel that their show is the better choice.

Why Bob’s Burgers Are Special

talk about laughter, Bob’s Burgers Easily one of the funniest animated sitcoms on TV, that’s not all that makes it so great. From Tina and Louise helping Gene fall in love with music again, to getting the whole family back together to find Linda’s lost engagement ring, there are many great moments that prove the family’s deep affection.

For fans who can’t help but be moved by their sincerity and commitment when it really matters, these moments define the show more than all the great comedy.

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Bob’s Burgers is super worth revisiting

While the heartfelt moments and hilarious jokes are still welcome to watch, that’s what really makes Bob’s Burgers One show that’s hugely worth revisiting is the fact that there’s so much more to see a second, third, or fourth time. From subtle visual jokes to gags that only get better with time, here’s why fans keep coming back for more. Bob’s Burgers.

More than 200 episodes and bob’s burger movie At first, committing to a revisit will be hard, but really, knowing exactly how good it will be makes the decision easier to make than committing to a new show.

The Long Wait Part 13

Maybe Bob’s Burgers Fans are spoiled for choice in 2022, season 12 starts in the spring, and then bob’s burger movie gone, but that doesn’t make it any easier to wait for Season 13. The first episode will premiere at the end of September and fans can’t wait until it comes out.

The show has been on the air for over a decade and people are used to the fact that there are almost always new episodes to look forward to, which only makes the long wait between seasons all the more painful. Luckily, it won’t be long until season 13 begins and fans can celebrate again.

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