Bob Odenkirk’s The Room Remake Set Photo Reveals Original Star’s Return

Greg Sestero, starring in the original Roomfeatured in a new set of photos from Bob Odenkirk’s upcoming remake. Tommy Wiseau was released in 2003 and is considered by many to be one of the worst movies of all time Room Follow Johnny (Wiseau) as he discovers his fiancée Lisa (Juliette Danielle) has seduced his best friend Mark (Sestero). Two decades later, the film is still an object of cultural fascination, and it was recently revealed that Odenkirk is working on a green-screen-only remake for charity.

Now, a new photo from Odenkirk Room Remake shared by famous horror director Mike Flanagan Revealing the return of Sestero.

Flanagan’s photo shows Sestero sitting in front of a large cast and crew, and the caption reveals that the original star played a key role in setting the scene for the remake. The title also reveals Flanagan as Peter and his wife, with frequent collaborator Kate Siegel as Claudette.

The room’s lasting legacy is explained

Although the intention is to act, Room It quickly entered the realm of comedy without thinking because it was so horrible. The film’s “bad to good” quality and Wiseau’s outlandish personality make a Room Still very popular even today. In fact, even two decades later, the film is still a popular choice for midnight shows at independent cinemas.

This ongoing cultural obsession Room Seems to have peaked with 2017 releases disaster artist. Directed and starring James Franco, disaster artist Documenting the making of the film by Wiseau and Sestero, with Dave Franco playing the role of Sestero. The film is based on the book of the same name by Sestero, and even features Wiseau himself.

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by Odenkirk Room rescale with disaster artist And purely a philanthropic endeavor, its existence speaks to the impressive staying power of Wiseau’s original work. It remains to be seen how successful the remake will be and how successful it will be in raising money for the AIDS research organization amfAR, but Room Even two decades later, it is clearly still a source of humor and amusement.

source: Mike Flanagan

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