Aaron Rodgers’ Alleged Girlfriend, Blu of Earth, Is Stuck In Peru & It Might Be Over Between These Two

If you needed a sign things might be over with Aaron Rodgers and his shaman (alleged) girlfriend Blu of Earth, look no further than the messages coming out of Peru where Blu is stuck in the middle of civil unrest with no way out.

Rodgers, who sports a tattoo clearly inspired by Blu of Earth, has been silent as this woman is trying to figure a way out of a country where the former president has been jailed and a revolution has begun. This is a serious situation and from the look of things, the NFL MVP is nowhere to be found and isn’t stepping in to offer a private jet rescue of a woman who had to dispel rumors that she’s a witch.

Aaron Rodgers new girlfriend photos Blu of Earth
Aaron Rodgers and his alleged girlfriend Blu of Earth during happier times. / SideAction

And even more troubling is the fact that it looks like Rodgers has unfollowed Blu on Instagram, meaning it’s very possible he’s not seeing her pleas to get out of Peru. This woman just released a new podcast series and needs to get out of there before all hell breaks loose!

In an emotional plea from an undisclosed location in Peru, Blu strategically placed her tattoo in camera view for all to see.

“So we have no idea how long we’re going to be in Cusco (Peru),” Blu began. “The airports keep pushing back the dates that we can leave. However, something that I’m really really understanding in a whole completely different way is the power of community and the importance of community and taking care of those that are around us and really showing up in support.

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Blu of Earth’s tattoo; Aaron Rodgers’ astrology tattoo / Instagram

“Not about what is it I can get from this experience, but how can I contribute and when every single person comes from that mindset of what can I contribute to the space then you can truly actually create microclimates of a pockets of fun amidst the chaos and finding the eye of the storm within community.

“We’ll keep you updated this end. Thank you for all of your prayers for the indigenous people here as they stand up for the revolution.”

Now, that might all just sound like shaman speak until you come to this message that was posted by Blu on her story where she seems to take a shot at “MVPs.”

Aaron Rodgers girlfriend Blu of Earth stuck in Peru

Listen, that could just be shaman-speak or that could be the clearest shot at MVP Aaron Rodgers that you’ll ever see out of a woman he’s allegedly dated.

Needless to say, Aaron needs to address this.

Is he doing everything he can to help Blu escape a crisis in Peru that could turn into a civil war? Has he offered up a private jet to extract Blu and her shaman friends? Has Rodgers worked with people in the State Department to broker a deal to get Blu out?

Let’s see Adam Schefter ask the tough questions. Where’s Peter King? Will Pat McAfee ask about Blu and her safety?

At the very least we should know if Aaron has been in contact and whether he’s offered to air drop supplies.


Aaron Rodgers new girlfriend Blu of Earth photos
Aaron Rodgers with Blu and her “Dragon Team” on a retreat. / Awesomo Side Action
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