Black Hole Hero MOD APK (Unlimited money/Skills, mana) 1.6.2

APK information of Black Hole Heroes MOD

  • V1: Unlimited money.
  • V2: Unlimited skills, mana.

Black Hole Hero: Vice Vegas Rope Mafia is not a game that requires you to do all sorts of good deeds. Players are free to do anything in the big city, but you are responsible for all your actions. It looks ugly and can be scary at times. The player will take on the role of an unsightly character and your task is to fight the mafia. “Black Hole Hero” has a complete gang organization in the United States, Russia, China, Mexico and other places … very large scale and very dangerous. Can you survive breaking into an organized crime den? Use special skills in combination with weapons to destroy them.

High-rise buildings, roads, residents and bad guys are all in the same place. You cannot detect who is capable of attacking you back. The easiest way is to attack whoever you want to attack, if it’s the bad guys, they will chase you with guns. Dominating the entire community is the goal of the player, but Black Hole Heroes will not let you achieve it easily. Players can lose their lives due to uncontrolled shooting. Everyone in the lane can equip powerful weapons ready to fight back if attacked.


Black Hole Hero is somewhat similar to Rope Hero: Vice Town in terms of mobile Spider-Man style, but this game gives players more dangerous combat. You are alone, but your opponents are everywhere and they are not easy to identify. Even if you have a heavy weapon in your hand, it does not prove that you are the strongest. Even if the player is slow, they can be destroyed by rockets. Steal a taxi, bomb a police car or whatever you can do in this game. Black Hole Hero has a total of 8 skills, including movement and attack. Therefore, the way of fighting is also very diverse, using special abilities to escape.

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many missions for you

Black Hole Hero has more than 20 missions for you to perform. It has never been easier to face dangerous mafia bosses around the world. In addition to the special abilities available, weapons can be used to increase your strength. In addition, do not ignore the game introduction prompt while waiting to enter the game.

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many weapons

You can find different types of weapons in Black Hole Heroes. Although the number is not much, when in battle, there are always all kinds. Pistol, Revolver, CQ16, Carbine, QK 47 are some of the popular firearms. But you cannot use it to avoid dangerous opponents or helicopters. Minigun, RPG, Flamethrower are destructive guns. Finish with only one bullet, but make sure your aim is accurate.

change character appearance

Skins, hats, glasses and masks are things you can change for your main character. Each item does not have a specific name, but you can preview what it looks like and how much you need to pay to own it. Let’s create the most special shape for our character. Not only strong, but also a stylish ruler, right?

Black Hole Hero Mod Apk

Black Hole Hero has a rich vehicle system, but you don’t have to pay for it. If you like any vehicle, go loot, guns if needed. However, you should be careful because it is easy to encounter mafia names who are always ready for extreme actions. Download Black Hole Hero MOD to be the leader in New York City, but with similarities to Miami in Las Vegas.

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Download Black Hole Heroes MOD APK for Android (Unlimited Money/Skill, Mana)

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