Black Clover Can Continue After The King of Devils – Here’s How

Warning: spoilers ahead black clover Chapter 319!

It’s hard for fans to imagine how black clover That could continue once Astar and seven of his kingdom’s nine captains inevitably defeat the demon lord, Lucifero, but a recent trailer raises some possibilities.

The reason behind the fans’ skepticism lies in the coherence of the whole process black clover The universe is with the devil. Although these terrifying creatures first appeared in Chapter 196, manga artist Yūki Tabata used them to reverse his entire story, somehow replacing the previous giant twist. your. Up until that point, the series’ most organized crime syndicate, the Eye of the Midnight Sun, was really just a pawn. The leader, Licht, doesn’t want to help his members wake up. He uses them as sacrifices to initiate mass elves reincarnation in order to exact revenge on the humans who massacred his people long ago. But when the first demons appeared, the demons were the real villains. They poison the minds of humans to betray the elves, and then fill the surviving elves with a false desire for revenge.

It’s easy to understand why some fans wonder how the story can continue when all the demon lords are gone, but there are still other demons out there. Of course, readers know those associated with the Dark Triad, the three siblings of the Zogratis family of the Spades Kingdom. The members of the Dark Triad used their bodies as reservoirs for demons and worked to open the tree of Qliphoth between the living and the underworld. Zogratis’ Dante, Vanica, and Zenon are the masters of Lucifero, Megicula, and Beelzebub, respectively, the latter of which only appears in flashbacks in Chapter 306. But there are other large monsters as well. The first can be traced back to Nacht, the mighty vice-captain of the Black Bulls. In Chapter 286, a flashback to Nacht’s tragic past reveals that his family studied the devil. A good son, Nacht followed in his parents’ footsteps and summoned the supreme demon Lucifugus. The last time readers saw Lucifugus, the supreme demon seemed to have killed the entire Nacht family, but it was definitely his brother, the black sheep of the Morgen family. In addition to the demons, Chapter 310 also reveals that Zogratis originally had four siblings, not three. This fourth person may still be alive and may appear at a later date.

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above black clover mangaka Yūki Tabata immediately gathered his heroes to fight the Demon Lord, speeding up a process that could last several chapters. The aforementioned Qliphoth tree black clover The Dark Triad’s summoned villains originally had nine doors, which were supposed to open continuously. The format is that the demons behind each door will grow stronger, with the strongest ones spilling out of the ninth door and the last one at the end. But Maurice Libadite, the Diamond Kingdom, who later joined the Dark Triad, betrayed his ally and released Lucifero early.

In addition to the aforementioned mysterious villains and demons, it’s also possible that someone could destroy the Qliphoth tree, effectively closing its gates, and forcing demons, including Lucifero, to return. underworld. A further possibility of this event could involve an invasion of the underworld. What makes the sequel even more interesting is the assumption that only Asta (and his demonic companion, Liebe) can cross this threshold. In Liebe’s origin story, some of the demons that bullied him threw Liebe against the wall, but since he had no magic, Liebe flew right over and landed in the human world. No other demons can do this, so they need the Qliphoth. If the same rules apply to human mages, then aside from Liebe, the only other lifeform that can overcome this is Asta, which would greatly increase their chances of success. but make future chapters black clover Even more attractive now.

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