Who is Elizabeth Holmes Husband Billy Evans? All About Family and Net Worth

This article explores the life of Billy Evans, shedding light on his family background and the repercussions of his connection to Elizabeth Holmes.

Billy Evans, the eldest child of William and Susan Evans, was born into a prominent San Diego family. Growing up alongside his sister, Gracie Evans, and brother, Rex Evans, Billy was surrounded by privilege and opportunities.

Elizabeth Holmes and Billy Evans (Image Source: Goalcast)

The Evans family legacy was deeply rooted in the city, thanks to the founding of the Evans Hotel Group by his grandparents, William and Anne Evans, in the 1950s.

However, Billy’s life took an unexpected turn when he became associated with Elizabeth Holmes, the infamous entrepreneur behind the now-disgraced Theranos.

The Evans family has long been an influential force in San Diego. Billy’s grandparents, William and Anne Evans, established the Evans Hotel Group, which became synonymous with luxury resorts in the area.

Billy Evans with her father William and mother Susan (Image Source: Daily Mail)

Their dedication and entrepreneurial spirit laid the foundation for the family’s prosperity. The trio of resorts under their ownership became iconic landmarks and played a significant role in the growth of San Diego’s tourism industry.

Billy’s parents, William and Susan, carried on the family tradition of success. They instilled in their children a strong work ethic and a sense of responsibility to maintain the family’s reputation.

Billy’s upbringing was marked by privilege, but his parents also emphasized the importance of using their resources to contribute positively to society.

Billy Evans with his sister Gracie Evans and brother, Rex Evans

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Meet Elizabeth Holmes and Billy Evans’s Children

In early 2017, Elizabeth Holmes crossed paths with William “Billy” Evans. Their relationship deepened over time, leading to an engagement in early 2019.

Evans, a 27-year-old heir to the renowned Evans Hotels, a family-owned group of hotels in the San Diego area, brought a sense of privilege to their union.

Reports suggest that Holmes and Evans had a private wedding ceremony in mid-2019, although there is no direct confirmation regarding their legal marital status.

Some sources refer to Evans as Holmes’s “partner” rather than her husband. The couple resided in San Francisco, where they shared their lives.

Evans Family

On July 10, 2021, Holmes gave birth to a son named William Holmes Evans, and it was later reported in October 2022, shortly before her sentencing hearing, that she was expecting a second child, a daughter named Invicta Holmes Evans.

It is important to remember that Billy Evans’s identity extends beyond his association with Elizabeth Holmes.

He was born into a family with a long history of success and community involvement. While the Theranos scandal cast a shadow over his life, it should not define him entirely.

Both privilege and unexpected challenges have marked Billy Evans’s life. Born into a prominent San Diego family with a successful hospitality business, he had a solid foundation for a bright future.

However, his association with Elizabeth Holmes and the Theranos scandal changed his life.

While the scandal may have brought him unwanted attention, it is crucial to recognize that Billy Evans is more than just a figure tied to the scandal. As he moves forward, it is hoped that he will find strength and resilience too.

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How Much is Elizabeth Holmes’s Husband Worth?

Billy Evans’s net worth is estimated at around $8 Million to $10 Million approx. However, as the heir to Evans Hotels, a family-owned group of hotels in the San Diego area, it is reasonable to assume that Evans has access to considerable wealth, which includes million-dollar houses and other properties.

Elizabeth Holmes with her husband Billy Evans

Evans Hotels has been a prominent and successful enterprise, significantly contributing to San Diego’s hospitality industry.

While the extent of Billy Evans’s net worth remains undisclosed, his family’s business legacy suggests a substantial financial standing.

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Elizabeth Holmes Net Worth

Following the March 2018 settlement, Elizabeth Holmes held a 50% stake in Theranos. In 2015, Forbes recognized her as one of America’s youngest and Richest Self-Made Women, estimating her net worth at $4.5 billion, and her company valuation was $ 9 billion at that time. However, in June 2016, Forbes reevaluated Theranos, placing its valuation at $800 million.

This devaluation rendered Holmes’s stake nearly worthless since other investors held preferred shares that would be paid before her common stock.

It was reported that Holmes had a $25 million debt owed to Theranos from exercising stock options.

Elizabeth Holmes

It’s important to note that Holmes did not receive any cash from the company as part of this arrangement, nor did she sell any of her shares, including those associated with the debt.

The specific current state of Holmes’s net worth is not publicly available, but it’s reported that after all the valuation and after her arrest on the basis of her conviction on four counts of fraud on her startup Theranos her net worth completely broke down and now it’s reported that her net worth is $0 and she started her 11-year prison sentence on May 31, 2023, in Texas prison.

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