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Meet Billy Evans, husband of Theranos founder and disgraced Silicon Valley CEO Elizabeth Holmes. He will tell you about his relationship with Elizabeth, the rumors that he was brainwashed, his age, and her net worth.

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Are Billy Evans and Elizabeth Holmes still married?

According vanity fair Inside The Hive podcast, Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes and the father of her child, Billy Evans, tied the knot. According to a June 2019 magazine report, they secretly got married in the summer of 2019. women’s health reported that Elizabeth’s husband, Billy, had been under the spell for some time, according to his former associates.

Also, an informant, Billy’s colleague at lighting technologies she told the NY Post that Billy even gave her his MIT signet ring, which was his most prized possession. Billy wore that ring on her little finger, and now Elizabeth wears it around her neck on a chain.

The source explained: “I could snap my fingers and instantly have a triple-A diamond engagement ring if I wanted to. But if you give him an extravagant ring, he could end up in the hands of the feds if he has to give up his material possessions.”

she reported that the two met at a party in the Bay Area, California, in 2017. “Days later, I was dating Billy and he said, ‘You won’t believe who I met! She is not what the articles make her out to be,” a former colleague of Evans’s told The New York Post in 2019.


Also, when the relationship became more serious, Elizabeth would “frequently” visit Billy’s office. “It was inappropriate for him to be in the office. Luminar has been in constant flux for a year and a half,” the source said, referring to layoffs at the company at the time. “And then you have total fraud in the office while he’s having meetings with investors.” She continued: “If I had been an investor and seen [Holmes] walking down the halls, I’ll be like, ‘Shit, get me out of here!’”

They were then first seen together at the Burning Man festival in 2018, the year Theranos closed. They now have a child together. Billy and Elizabeth welcomed their baby boy, Williams Holmes Evans, on July 10, 2021 in Redwood City.

Additionally, Billy was by her side during the lengthy trial, during which Elizabeth carried a diaper bag into court several times. The hotel heir often sits in a reserved row in the San Jose, California, courtroom with the rest of Elizabeth’s family, occasionally leaning in to speak to Noel Holmes during testimony. He and the rest of Mrs. Holmes’s entourage keep their distance from the press and the public. He kept silent about the case.

Did Elizabeth Holmes brainwash Billy Evans?

Billy Evans, who often liked young and beautiful IG models, now has a son with Elizabeth Holmes, who is about 11 years older than him. Her family believes that Elizabeth brainwashed her.

What’s more, a colleague of Billy’s told the New York Post: “It’s like Billy is his shiny new toy. She is super excited to be with him. The relationship is opportunistic for both. Elizabeth needs a lot of support in her life right now and Billy is looking for any way to raise her profile.”

Billy knew that his relationship with Elizabeth would “destroy” his “social value”, but he knew that “he would get something else in return”, by which he meant “fame”. The source added: “I met two of his ex-girlfriends.” They were both models for Instagram and he was super proud of that fact – said the colleague. “He would date absolutely gorgeous young girls. [with big followings].”

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Also, Billy reportedly shocked everyone in his social circle with his relationship with his now-wife Elizabeth. Another friend added: “He seems to have had a solid head on his shoulders and to have common sense and good judgment of character… How can a very intelligent, rational person come to such a different conclusion about a person? [than the rest of the country]? Has no sense.”

What does the husband of Elizabeth Holmes and Billy Evans make a living?

Elizabeth Holmes’s husband, Billy Evans, worked as a special projects manager at Luminar Technologies. He worked there until January 2019. He has also worked at LinkedIn as a Leadership program strategy and analytics analyst, summer associate at The Boston Consulting Group and Altman Vilandre & Company, and Student Brand Manager at Red Bull.

Before beginning his career, Billy worked at Encore Capital Group and Qualcomm Ventures as an intern.

Billy graduated from the Francis W. Parker School with the class of 2010. He attended MIT and earned a bachelor’s degree in economics. While studying Chinese at Fudan University in Shanghai, China.

How much is the net worth of Elizabeth Holmes, husband of Billy Evans?

Billy Evans as heir to the restaurant business should have a net worth of more than 10 million dollars. According to the profile of the father for The Voice of San Diego, the publication reported that Evans Hotel Group earns $100 million a year. The business was started by his grandparents in 1953.

Elizabeth Holmes Spouse Billy Evans Age

As of March 2022, Billy Evans is 27 years old. He celebrates his birthday on January 11.

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Does Billy Evans’ family love Elizabeth Holmes?

The former Billy Evans co-star also revealed to the New York Post that her family was not supportive of her 2019 engagement to Elizabeth Holmes. An inside source revealed: “Her family of hers says, ‘What the hell are you doing?’ It’s like he’s been brainwashed. [He says,] The media is wrong about her.

They further added: “Many people very close to him sat down with him and talked… ‘This could be the biggest mistake you’ll ever make.’ ‘The negativity around him could backfire on you.’ You’ve never come across anything similar. ‘You have to think carefully about what you’re doing.’”

Furthermore, the colleague explained that many of Evans’s friends also turned down their wedding invitations for Elizabeth. “It was shocking [when the invitations went out]the source said. “Some friends say, ‘I want to go to this wedding because I want to see this show,’ and others say, ‘I’m not going.’ I don’t respect her.”

  • Where is Elizabeth Holmes’s husband, Billy Evans, from?

Billy Evans hails from his hometown of San Diego, California.

  • Elizabeth Holmes is Billy Evans husband from Instagram?

According SCMP.comBilly Evans’ IG account was (@wbevans).

  • How tall is Billy Evans?

Billy Evans is over 6 feet tall.

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