Big Brother’s Angela Rummans Speaks Out On Tyler Breakup For First Time

oldest brother Alumnus Angela Rummans has spoken publicly about her split from Tyler Crispen for the first time. Angela and Taylor first met at a competition 20 . brother 2018 together. The two bonded immediately as they began to form a close personal relationship and competed together throughout the tournament. After they competed on the show, Angela and Tyler continued their real-life relationship. In 2021, Taylor proposed to Angela on the beach.

Almost two years after the engagement date, Brothers Angela Rummans and Tyler broke off their engagement. Now, for the first time since the breakup, Angela has spoken publicly about it. In a recent YouTube video posted to Angela’s channel titled “Life Update 2023 – Your Question Answered,” the former oldest brother The star confirmed she and Taylor are no longer together.

Angela explained that the couple had been dealing with a number of private issues for over a year before deciding to go their separate ways. They even tried couple therapy to repair their relationship. In the end, both Taylor and Angela agreed that it was best to break up.

Angela Rummans joins the challenge, hopefully it gets better after that

Among the problems that Angela and Taylor deal with separately, Angela is chosen as Challenge: USA. Angela, she is one of the nine oldest brother residential tenants Challenge: USA, admits she got the role on the show and hopes Taylor will be better when she gets home. After so much time apart when she was out and about filming, things temporarily improved when she got home; however, it only lasted a few months. After deciding to go their separate ways, Angela sets off to Bali to escape everyone and everything. Challenge: USA broadcast, that’s why she doesn’t actively post about the show. Angela remains in Bali, while Taylor lives in their shared home in Hilton Head, South Carolina.

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Although the couple has agreed that it is best to go their separate ways, they will actually be in each other’s lives. Three years after Taylor and Angela were together, they began their lives and careers together. The couple wrote their own cookbook, focusing on their healthy lifestyle, and started a jewelry business. They also jointly own the Hilton Head house, where Taylor currently lives alone. Although they are no longer in love, Taylor and Angela will continue to work together in their business endeavors, as they have no plans to cut off each other’s lives completely.

Although everything may not work out oldest brother Initially, the alumnus hoped that Angela had nothing but love for Taylor as she gave a sentimental update on the fan’s life. While it’s unclear how closely Taylor and Angela bonded after their split, they continue to support each other as they navigate this new chapter in their lives. Maybe one day Angela and Taylor’s paths will cross again, and oldest brother Alumni try their relationship again.

Source: Angela Rummans/YouTube

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