Big Brother 24: Final Head Of Household Part 2 Results (Spoilers)

Season 2 Finals Winners 24 brother The Head of Household (HOH) competition has been determined, with Monte Taylor beating Taylor Hale. Matt “Turner” Turner won the first part of the HOH race, an endurance race that included spinning. Turner and Mount will go head-to-head in Season 3 of the final night’s HOH matchup to determine who will be the final HOH of the season.

Only one tenant can win the $750,000 Grand Prize oldest brother The two-hour finale will air on Sunday, September 25. The runner-up will receive $75,000. In addition, one participant will be named America’s Favorite Guest and receive a prize of $50,000. This year, the winner will also receive a seven-day cruise for two on Princess Cruises, the official partner of the upcoming CBS show, true love boat.

Live TV shows Monte winning part 2 of the final oldest brother HOH game this afternoon. Taylor, who was seen speaking in front of the camera, said it was important for her to win to not have to rely on Monte or Turner to get to the end. She said now she has to sit back and watch these two men fight their final battle. Taylor said she wasn’t sure if it was direct, but viewers could tell she didn’t win by her attitude. She shared that she lost the game by about 20 seconds, which the tenant has yet to describe. She sighed that only this way she could win 24 brother If she took her own life, it’s because Monte and Turner have great résumés.

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While their decision may change, right now, if Turner wins, he will likely stay loyal to Mount and lead him to Finals 2. If Mount wins, he seems determined to bring Turner in. Go with. However, Taylor and Mount’s late-game breakup and breakup changed the dynamics of the game. If Monte wins Season 3 of the HOH final, Taylor’s chances of making it to the finale will definitely be higher.

24 brother This season is full of twists and turns, so viewers will have to wait and see “Expect the unexpected.” However, Taylor is likely to win many judges’ votes, so her ability to make it to the end doesn’t really work in her favor at the moment. The good news is that all three of the final 3 guests are strong players. worthy oldest brother First Prize and Second Prize. Turner, Mount and Taylor all gave their best and will no doubt be remembered as legends.

this 24 brother The finale airs on Sunday, September 25 at 8 p.m. KST on CBS.

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