Better Call Saul Reveals What Happened To 1 Key Early Character

EQUAL better call saul finally cut with break BadThe strange fate of a prequel character has been confirmed. better call saul It’s really coming to an end now, like season 6, episode 11 in break Bad Part 2 and Jean’s sequel schedule. From what the DEA thinks Jesse Pinkman is doing in Mexico to Kim Wexler selling sprinkler systems in Florida, this episode sheds light on the fates of characters on both shows and deals with Francesca, Huell, and Skyler. and Daniel.

Peter Diseth’s Bill Oakley is the unsung hero better call saul. appeared in all six seasons break Bad After the spin-off, Beal wasn’t entirely interested in Earthquake’s character development, but he did provide Jimmy McGill with an ongoing legal paper. As a more casual attorney general representing the plaintiffs, Bill was just trying to make money. He has no patience for Jimmy’s interference, is jealous when Jimmy wins a prestigious gig at Davis & Main, and alienates Jimmy after Lalo Salamanca is released under false pretenses. Bill Oakley is the perfect barometer of Jimmy McGill’s progress better call saul.

With his constant presence, better call saul Viewers would be forgiven for thinking about Bill Oakley’s fate break Bad throughout. better call saul Season 6, Episode 11 When Francesca Liddy called Gene Takavic to update him on events happening in Albuquerque, it aptly answered this question. Soon there will be no more topics to talk about (let alone patience), Francesca tells Gene that Bill Oakley “change sides“From prosecuting attorney to defense attorney, like Saul Goodman. The ad on the bus bench then says ‘William Oakley & Associates’ and the website is completely real.

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Why did Bill Oakley switch sides (and could he come back?)

Since Gene Takavic didn’t know about Bill’s new job until Francesca told him, we can assume this is a recent development, with William Oakley & Associates springing up after Saul Goodman left town. . It’s hard not to suspect that Bill intentionally jumped in Saul’s place. better call saul Season 2 reveals Bill’s deep desire for an easy job with little work, high pay and all the perks, and how he might know about his Cadillac, lavish mansion, and lavish lifestyle Saul Goodman break Bad But also. When Saul is forced to go on the run, he leaves a huge hole in the criminal defense game – with potentially hundreds of clients in need of court representation and unable to “call Saul” anymore. Enter Bill Oakley.

Not only does the company name sound suspicious, but the William Oakley & Associates website lists a series of misdemeanors that Saul Goodman has committed. Granted, the branding isn’t too cumbersome, but it’s clear that Bill is entangled in Saul’s disappearance. It’s a fitting ending for a character who has lived in Jimmy McGill’s shadow ever since better call saul we go here. In terms of charm, popularity, romance, and prestige, Saul was sure to outshine his court rivals. better call saul Season 6, Episode 11, Bill Oakley is still the poor man’s Saul Goodman.

Revealed that Bill Oakley’s fate may have been nothing more than a better call saul Easter egg, but is there a deeper reason why Francesca mentioned this particular detail? At the end of “Breaking Bad”, Gene plays his old tricks again and he also seems to be hoping that he will return to Albuquerque once the heat has subsided. better call saul It’s time for another hoax to undo Saul’s crimes, and Gene’s hiring of Bill Oakley as his lawyer – a highly ironic turn of events – could be part of his plan. ta. Gene knows Bill’s weakness, and he’s the perfect man to pull off some nefarious, daring plots.

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better call saul Continues Monday on AMC.

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