Better Call Saul Casting Trick Makes Kim’s Mom Flashbacks Even Better

That’s how perfect casting works for better call saul Flashback of Kim Wexler from Season 6. Her name may not be written on the door, but Rhea Seehorn’s Kim has become as important as herself better call saul As Saul Goodman himself.this break Bad The prequels gradually unravel Kim, but only once delving into her past— better call saul In episode 5 “Wexler vs. Goodman”, Kim’s mother is revealed to be an irresponsible and uncaring parent.

better call saul Season 6 revisits Kim’s past with “Ax & Grind”. Set in her Season 5 flashback, young Kim is caught by a shop detective while stealing. Her mother came and reprimanded the child, offering classic parental catchphrases such as “disappointed” and “should know betterKim leaves with a warning, but when the mother and daughter leave the store, their behavior changes completely. Kim’s mother actually showed pride in her daughter’s daring theft before revealing that she had stolen her daughter’s stolen earrings.

As you would have expected better call saulThe flashbacks are brilliantly written and directed (with the exception of Giancarlo Esposito behind the camera), but what reality What makes the scene stand out is that the actress plays Kim’s mother.

Who plays Kim’s mother in Better Call Saul

the actress who plays mama kim better call saul Season 6 is Beth Hoyt. Amy Schumer inside, die with me In addition to her work with the YouTube channel The Key of Awesome, Hoyt also voices Pepper Potts in Marvel’s what if…? Cartoon TV show. The actress plays Kim’s unnamed mother for the first time in the original movie better call saul A flashback to season 5, but that scene takes place at night with the character screaming from the driver’s seat of her car. The new flashback to “Ax & Grind” not only gives Hoyt more space to work, but also frees her from the gloomy car seat, allowing her to see the big picture. It’s a creative change and totally worth it…

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Why It’s Better to Call Saul’s Kim’s Mom Chosen So Perfectly

Beth Hoyt as Mama Kim in Better Call Saul

When Beth Hoyt stepped into the spotlight, she and better call saulGold becomes clear. The physical resemblance is so uncanny that you almost wonder if Rhea Seehorn is playing her own character’s mother. Looks like Hoyt voted because She has Kim’s facial features, and while her hairstyle and makeup are meant to accentuate the similarity, the actor’s talent lies in more than just the fact that Beth Hoyt and Rhea Seehorn look like sisters. Kim’s mother’s demeanor and voice both contain the shadow of the future Kim. When Kim’s mother asked: “Actually? What you are doing“When Jimmy started acting weird, that statement sounded like something Kim would probably react to. When Hoyt said, “I want to say I’m disappointed, but that doesn’t even begin to cover it,” is a sentence that is surprisingly close to the contempt King can throw at Howard Hamlin.

better call saul Season 6 flashbacks amazingly prove that King’s crime streak begins Road Before meeting Jimmy McGill, and in today’s scam, she was actually copying behaviors learned from her mother. Looking back at flashbacks from before season 5, Kim and her mother look a lot alike. The purpose of Season 6’s 1980s visit was to flip the script and reveal that Kim was indeed following in her mother’s footsteps. This groundbreaking change is made more effective by the physical similarities between the characters, with Beth Hoyt’s ability to visually express how similar the two characters are through their abilities. by Rhea Seehorn at a glance.

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better call saul Continues Monday on AMC.

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