Better Call Saul: 10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up The Show

While viewers are still in shock at Kim’s big decision at the end of “Fun & Games,” fans on Reddit continue to create hilarious memes that sum it all up perfectly. better call saul Continue week after week.

From the very beginning of the program, better call saul It has become a rich source of memes thanks to its cheerful tone and humorous lead. Though the show’s darker tone has been the source of some of the funniest memes on the internet lately, though.

Compare with Breaking Bad

better call saul has been compared with break Bad From the first episode, but many fans are finally starting to agree that these two shows are At least Equal quality. Many fans really think better call saul more than that break Badled to many disagreements in the community.

This meme is proof that there will always be comparisons between the two shows, but it’s proof that Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould managed to create a popular and critically acclaimed series with the same quality is considered the quality of one of them that competes with the best shows of all time.

personality development

Saul Goodman at break Bad, his character is mostly considered funny and likable. But after seeing exactly how Jimmy McGill turns into Saul Goodman, the character’s story feels more like a darker tragedy.

Many characters are involved in driving Jimmy to become Saul, but ultimately it’s his own decision, and the movie explains exactly why he chose to change his identity in interesting ways. taste. It was this rich character development that led to better call saulHuge fan base.

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jimmy and needle bond

Jimmy and Kim’s relationship hasn’t changed for six seasons better call saul, it is clear that despite all the trouble, the two still love each other. Kim’s continued support of Jimmy was a major factor in her reckless slander of Howard Hamlin.

season 6 of better call saul Much attention was paid to Jimmy and Kim’s blueprint to take down Howard and secure the Sandpiper settlement they had long promised. This meme highlights just how spoiled the two of them are, constantly working together to take down their enemies.

Cartel transit

like in break Bad, better call saul Have several subgraphs running in parallel at the same time. The main plot of the film has always been the development of Jimmy and Kim as characters, but the Cartel has been kept behind the scenes to raise the stakes and create drama.

This meme shows how compelling Jimmy and Kim’s relationship is, even in the face of some really interesting and haunting storylines surrounding Gus and Salamanca. better call saul It’s not just drugs and violence that are so common.

Domino effect

Although this emoji specifically refers to Season 6 better call saul, depicting a concept that plays a big role throughout the show: the domino effect. Almost all of Saul’s tragedies and problems were the result of some small mistake or bad idea he made in the past, which then spiraled out of control with catastrophic consequences. fierce.

Therefore, better call saul very similar break BadBoth Jimmy and Walter White suffered dire consequences for their selfish decisions. Things would never have gotten this bad if Jimmy hadn’t been greedy in arranging for Sandpiper the way White was greedy for his drug money.

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destiny Kim

The fate of fan-favorite Kim Wexler is on the air (since she never appeared in the show). break Bad) so fans can’t help but worry about how her story will end. This meme perfectly encapsulates fans’ feelings of dread whenever her character is in danger.

Kim is one of many characters better call saul It deserves better, and many of her troubles and problems are the result of a legitimate scam she carried out with Jimmy’s help. As the show has made very clear in the past, once you’re “in the game” you’re always in danger.

Saul’s predictions about the future

last episode break Bad Watch Saul Goodman adopt a new identity and move to Nebraska to avoid the consequences of his relationship with Walter White. from start to finish better call saulThe performance offered a glimpse into the life of Saul (now Gene).

One of the recurring themes in the forward-looking short is that Gene is recognized as Saul, mostly because the taxi driver saw him at the mall. This meme highlights how eager Control system Fans argued over the smallest details of the show, arguing that the taxi driver was nothing more than a misleading concern for fans.

While there are plenty of good legal dramas (this meme lists two of the best), it better call saul That’s where the upper hand really deserves it. This popular meme starring Michael Fassbender proves that many fans feel the same way and praise better call saul Is the best legal movie.

Many reviewers also tagged better call saul One of the best lawyer TV shows of all time, so there’s really no reason to underestimate the series’ success at this point. It has some of the best characters ever, some really thrilling writing, and some of the most creative directors on television.

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Saul’s strange defense

in the first few seasons better call saul, the show brought viewers many interesting courtroom scenes that really showcased Saul’s creativity as a lawyer. He can come up with a lot of clever but ludicrous defenses that often bore his clients with technical details.

This meme underscores the point, showing Saul often reaching incredible heights, convincing the jury of his client’s innocence. ‘/j’ is a shorthand way to let friends on the internet know that a message is just a joke, and this meme clearly means it.

friends mike

There seems to be no limit to the situations where Mike can save Jimmy just by visiting one of his “minions”. The man has a “man” for everything, and this meme perfectly demonstrates how inexplicably Mike’s contact list is.

after mike started working for gus in the second half better call saulArguably his “people” were just Gus workers – but even before he allied with Gus, Mike seemed to have an endless network of people who could certainly help. he.

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