Best New Anime Series of 2022

Over a hundred new anime series are released every year, and fans can only spend so much time watching them. Here are four of the absolute best new anime series coming in 2022, and with many already confirmed to continue, there’s never been a better time to get in.

Quality is obviously an important metric in establishing the best quality, and this applies to writing quality as well as animation quality. Fan reactions are also important; Series that attract more attention are more likely to appear on the list. Impressive opening (OP) and ending (ED) themes, eye-catching characters and designs, and sheer style are also factors that can help an anime achieve high rankings. Without further ado, here are four of the best anime series of 2022 (in no particular order).

Cyberpunk: Siderunner

this Cyberpunk: Siderunner Anime is a highly anticipated project. Netflix series, it really Electronic 2077 video game, itself based on Science Fiction The tabletop role-playing system. The story follows David, a poor child in the dark world of the Night City. David’s mother worked hard to get him to school, but David wasn’t really interested in wearing a vest and advancing in the company. Unfortunately, David’s mother was killed almost instantly, leaving the young man alone. Faced with a disinterested world that needs a lot of his money, David meets Lucy, a “pickpocket” who steals people’s cybernetic parts. He decides to become an “edederunner”, a cybernetic mercenary that uses salvaged military-grade implants to fight.

Animated by Studio Trigger into kill la kill And superman fake SSSS.Gridman, side runner Really captures the dusty feel of most cyberpunk works while creating an environment very close to modern times. side runner It’s all about style and isn’t afraid to use color, as evidenced by Lucy’s rainbow hair. Yet despite the action they’re forced to, the film does a great job of making its characters likable and relatable. Science Fiction setting, creating a world that touches every major tenet of the genre while giving it many unique touches. Even sci-fi fans who don’t often watch anime should check out the series, as there are very few other entries that come close to it. Be warned though: this show can be very offensive when it comes to sex and nudity as well as violence and gore.

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chainsaw man

chainsaw man

this chainsaw man The manga has been popular for many years, so an anime adaptation is definitely expected. The film follows Denji, a man in debt who sells his body parts and hunts demons for money. He does this with the help of a demonic “dog” named Pochita, who has a chainsaw on his head but is very friendly. But when the person he was indebted to lured him into a trap, Denji nearly died… until Pochita fused with him, creating a human-demon hybrid, the Chainsaw Man. As the Chainsaw Man, Denji kills the zombie demon that caused it all, but passes out from exhaustion. He was found by Makima, an official demon hunter from a government organization, who recruited Denji and sent him to exterminate demons.

chainsaw man Animated by MAPPA, who previously worked on Jiu-jitsu battle And Attack the giantAs for the final season, the animation is pretty smooth. The series revels in gore and violence in a gorgeous, stylish way. The series is also named after its ending theme. Demons are gross and inhuman, while chainsaw man Denji himself remains a relatable character, always dreaming that his life might one day be a little less. Although gore may take some away, those who can live with it will find that there is much more beneath the surface of the blood. chainsaw man.

spy x family


For something completely different, yes spy x familyknown as the “Spy Family”. spy x family It tells the story of a spy code-named “Twilight” from the fictional country of Vestalis in the early 20th century. The twilight saga, better known spy x family As a Loid Forger fan, he is tasked with creating a fake family to infiltrate a prestigious school. Unbeknownst to Lloyd, Lloyd adopts a child, precocious Anya, who also reads minds. He eventually meets a young woman named Yor, who agrees to marry him shortly after meeting, but Yor also has a secret: she’s the assassin known as the Princess of Thorns. A family that comes together due to circumstances, each carrying each other’s secrets, leading to all sorts of funny situations.

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spy x family Using its hilariously light premise for comedy and action, that’s the hallmark of the series. Both Loid and Yor proved to be undisciplined and dangerous in doing their jobs, providing acting opportunities for exciting action sequences. Anya provides most of the relief in the comics, as her superpowers often tell her things she shouldn’t know, and cause her to make crazy choices to hide her secrets. . spy x family What really shines is the music, which uses fun, big band songs to highlight the action and the times. For those who are looking for scenes that are both amusing and fight, you can’t go wrong spy x family.

Lycoris recoil

Lycoris - Recoil

Lycoris recoil is an action anime series with slice-of-life elements. Lycoris is a government assassination organization that uses young orphan girls as substitutes to fight to keep the peace in Tokyo. The story follows Takina, a Lycoris agent who is on probation after defying orders to save another girl. This shows her being reassigned to “LycoReco”, a cafe run by a front company, working alongside another Lycoris agent, Chisato, known for being involved in the incident. radio tower some time ago. Chisato’s bubbly personality contrasts with Takina’s serious, work-focused attitude, and the two must learn to work together as they try to solve a mystery involving hackers and the arms trade. gas and terrorism.

Lycoris recoil Not based on the manga, but an anime original project by A-1 Pictures, a subsidiary of Aniplex. The series is rife with gunfights, resulting in the inclusion of many great action sequences. While Chisato and Takina’s dynamic isn’t the most original, it’s well done here and both girls are adorable. The series has been criticized by Western critics for its depiction of state-sponsored violence, but if that can be overlooked, there’s plenty here for fans of gun action to enjoy. .

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