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The Battle of Polytopia allows you to control a tribe and grow your kingdom. Players will gradually build civilization and compete with many other players. With a limited area, you will do everything to bring the tribe new lands. Build constructions and experience the modern social era like now. Battle of Polytopia helps players understand each stage of social development. Each era works differently, but they all have one thing in common, you must always try not to fall behind compared to other tribes. As a leader, present yourself as a visionary.

Perhaps the first job is to expand the horizon. Let’s expand it further and create your own design for the tribe. In the beginning, there’s a lot going on, but it’s just you. Work hard and try not to be a puppet boss. There are clear clan building strategies that allow the best guilds to thrive. Although Battle of Polytopia doesn’t take you to many landmarks, players will still find many beautiful scenes in the new land.

Download War of Polytopia mod – Build a Clan to Grow

A tribe is like a miniature nation. This has to be improved when you don’t have enough work and activities on the ground. Battle of Polytopia features farming, construction, defense, and more. Whatever your job, do yours. So that the tribe can develop in a unified way in all aspects. While you are still developing, war can happen. The other tribes in the Polytopia war are sworn enemies, don’t forget to build a battle system that goes hand in hand with economic development. From a small tribe to a mighty kingdom is the mode that all players pursue. They can do anything to achieve their goals, including destroying other tribes.

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Download Dotopia Battle Mod

upgrade your clan

To develop your tribe quickly, expand your borders, increase your population, build fences, military systems and many other structures. Unlike the first part, Battle of Polytopia will increasingly give players more choices. You can easily grow a tribe in many different ways. Growing slower than other kingdoms can have a detrimental effect on your land. Research and develop a number of new technologies to help players easily master and realize the dream of hegemony. Players in Battle of Polytopia are like real strategists.

Battle of Polytopia mod apk

attack your opponent

In the process of expanding the territory, you do not always come across gaps. The player must attack other clan capitals to change the new frontier. Winning will do you a lot of good. Soon gain the position of Lord of the earth. But to do this, you need to build and continuously develop your army system. Make small tribes grow into economic and military powers. Never fear oppression from other countries.

other activities

Battle of Polytopia allows players to participate in many different activities such as farming, fishing, mining, training warriors… To help the tribe grow, you need a lot of strength. Do your best and never fall behind. Failure is always the fear of many countries. If you are in that situation, you will have to deal with a lot of bad things, both internal and external. Keep your economy growing, but don’t forget to invest in military systems.

battle of dotopia mod android

Battle of Polytopia is a game that lets you explore a civilization through several stages. You are the leader to help your tribe fight against kingdoms in the region. Defend the territory and advance to expand the border with the onslaught. Download the most complete Battle of Polytopia mod building strategy for the Horde.

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Download Battle of Polytopia MOD APK (Unlocked) for Android

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