Batman’s New Form and Codename Is The Darkest Knight Yet

Spoilers for Dark Crisis: Worlds Without a Justice League – Batman by DC ComicsIn a world without the Justice League, Batman gets a new name and Batsuit, as the hero is split into two different forms, with one of them becoming the darkest knight yet. In Dark Crisis: Worlds Without a Justice League – Batman #1 by DC Comics, Batman ends up in a reality constructed by Pariah, where it’s revealed his being and personality are split into two different people – as the side that is just Batman ends up being a haunted version of the hero.

In the ongoing Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths event from DC Comics, Batman was among the heroes seemingly killed in a battle against Pariah and the Great Darkness. However, it was revealed the Justice League heroes weren’t actually killed but instead were taken to fake “perfect worlds” created by Pariah, where the villain siphoned their energy and powers to create an infinite number of Earths and reshape the Multiverse. Now, readers are learning about the reality Batman was trapped in, where he gets a new name, Batsuit, and purpose.

In Dark Crisis: Worlds Without a Justice League – Batman #1 by Simon Spurrier, Ryan Sook, and Troy Peteri from DC Comics, Batman is known as The Night as he embraces his dark side as he operates in a sanctuary in a world that’s nearly been destroyed. A man named Mr. Wax, responsible for creating the only haven on Earth, tries to track down The Night – but after an encounter with the deadly vigilante, it’s revealed he’s a part of Bruce Wayne that’s been split in two. When the pair look for answers from Alfred, they learn Batman split himself into two bodies, one that focuses on his genius and one that represents a “destroyer.”

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Batman’s Dark Side Embraces Becoming A Monster

As Alfred puts it, the side of Batman that got a new Batsuit and name and became The Night is freed from his moral quandaries and has the “license to become a monster” and wallow in pain as “happiness” for the split hero. Batman doesn’t need to abide by his no-kill rule in the role, as The Night operates with none of the rules the original Batman did, making him a true Dark Knight. It’s Batman at his most dangerous, deadly, and unconstrained.

Seeing Batman being split into two separate forms, with each side representing the extremes of his genius and dark side, ultimately shows what makes Batman such a great hero. In the main DC Universe, he finds a way to balance both the good and dangerous sides of his personality – but when ripped apart, Batman’s full dark persona is something the world likely hopes is never unleashed. Dark Crisis: Worlds Without a Justice League – Batman #1 from DC Comics is in comic book stores now.

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