Basketball Stars MOD APK (Auto Perfect, Backboard, Lucky Ball/Stupid AI) 1.41.4

Basketball Star MOD APK Info

1. Always the perfect photo– The photos are always perfect (must arrange)2. Always achieve recovery– Always get the recovery bonus without healing3. Lucky ball forever– (AI Only) Each ball is a lucky ball = +2 points per shot4. Stupid AI– (AI only) Enemies don’t move

Mentioning basketball must be familiar to everyone. Since its creation, it has become a popular culture. But for some people, playing basketball has become a bit difficult. So why don’t you try playing Basketball Star instead of going out tired and wasting time? Participate in intense individual matches between basketball masters. Overcome obstacles to make powerful throws.

Other basketball games will often feature common team styles. But the basketball star did not go the same way. Instead, it was a competition between masters. These games focus on skill rather than teamwork. Besides, 3D graphics give you the most realistic feeling. Make your pitch great every time. Nothing can stop each of us from fighting. Show your talent in different ways.

Download the Basketball Star mod – show your basketball skills.

In the world of basketball, aside from professional leagues, let’s look at it from a different angle. Street geniuses don’t follow any formula just because of their burning passion. To compete with each other, these people will compare the number of times the ball hits the ring. Very fair and shows the accuracy of his personal technique. You will control your character to accurately throw the ball into the basket. Every time the ball goes through the hoop, you get extra points. If you have more hits than your opponent, you win. Be careful because if you miss too much you will lose.

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To improve your throwing skills, you must first stay calm. Use your dribbling ability to penetrate the opponent’s defense. If the distance is long, it is necessary to set the center of gravity and adjust the throwing force. If you’re nearby, always run the full lap to make sure you don’t miss a chance to score.

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Real time game

Real time means that in a game, there is only a certain amount of time. It will count down and the two of you will start a duel. If the time runs out, the person with the most points wins. But if the score is tied, there will be extra time to determine the winner. It will happen in minutes at lightning speed. Save your gaming time in a more efficient way. However, you have to take down your opponent quickly and accurately. Please don’t give them a chance to take the lead and keep a safe distance in the confrontation. If you have to accept a loss, don’t be shy. Again.

basketball star mod apk


Want to know your skill level? So let’s switch to ranked mode, where you will have to fight a lot of masters. They are players with much less, equal or even more experience than you. To rank high, you must win and accumulate a certain number of points. The more you win, the higher your score and the easier it is to get to the top. But it is not easy at all, because it is a process of training. You will become more proficient when dealing with many opponents. Faced with difficulty, react rationally. Strive for higher achievement in the future.

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Basketball star mod apk free

gorgeous dress

Costumes make our characters cooler. A person’s appearance also leaves a huge impression on society. So you can absolutely choose for yourself a reasonable style. Combine different pieces of clothing into a complete outfit – different colors, and when worn, create a whole new look. This will be more effective if you are a person with special taste. No matter what you look like, you will always be recognized. New skills allow you to become your true self. Taking care of your appearance is taking care of your personality.

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unique place

The battlefield is a place where two people can duel fairly. Many arenas have been created for you to fight. Each location will be designed in a typical street style. Painted textures or layouts are described in detail. If you find an area too boring, you can keep changing it. There’s nothing like fighting new opponents in different locations. It’s even more exciting than the big tournaments going on. The Basketball Star mod will give you the feeling of being nowhere.

Download Basketball Stars MOD APK for Android (Auto Perfect, Rebound, Lucky Ball/Stupid AI)

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