Bartise Calls Out Love Is Blind’s Lack Of Mental Health Care

Love is blind Star Bartise Bowden is worried about the group’s approach to mental health, and he’s not afraid to speak out. Batis has found temporary blind love in time Love is blind In season 3, he meets and proposes to Nancy Rodriguez. The two were filmed developing a romantic relationship, as the show intended, until Bartis began commenting on Nancy’s looks. Towards the end of the journey, both expressed doubts about their relationship. When it came to their wedding day, it was Battiste who said no at the altar.

Love is blindBartise Bowden’s joined the show with the understanding that, like so many other reality TV stars, he’s likely to get some unwanted backlash on social media at some point. some. in an interview upgrade podcast, Battis discusses his thoughts Love is blindEfforts to help actors deal with social media and mental health, he said, “I wish they would do more to prepare us, such as using mental tools… I wish we could.” batis explained Love is blind Find someone who doesn’t have a large social media following yet, so it’s hard for him to give up “Normal Batis” Millions of people form opinions about him. He explains more Love is blind The Season 3 cast received a mental health protocol from the producers, adding, “[They did] It could be a 30-minute call to say, ‘You have to ignore what you see online. ‘”

Bartise Bowden gets backlash because love is a blind act

Battis dated Nancy and Ravenrose while in the group, but eventually developed a deeper emotional connection with Nancy, which led him to decide to propose to her. The whole premise Love is blind able to “Blind” connections are made in the pool, so he’s off to a good start. However, when Batis saw Raven’s appearance after accepting the marriage proposal, his thoughts seemed to have changed. He begins to comment positively on her physical appearance, while also expressing to Nancy that he is suddenly not optimistic about their physical relationship. In the end, Nancy forgave Battis’ behavior from beginning to end Love is blind Still willing to marry him, making people look down on him.

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For Batis Love is blind Season 3 ended just like that and he received a lot of comments about how he treated his fiancée. That’s what he was referring to when he publicly stated that he had received widespread attention on social media. Social media has become a place to comment on Battis’ behavior, which many unanimously consider inappropriate and malicious. Reality TV crews are required to implement mental health procedures to protect their actors. batis can be Love is blind Season 3, but he still deserves more when it comes to navigating social media and how it affects mental health.

Times are changing and social media is not going away. As the backlash against reality TV stars continues to affect the mental health of actors, shows like these Love is blind Need to increase strength. Batis says he’s learned how to harness focus and mental health on his own, but make it clear Love is blind no help. Many other actors would probably agree with his position. However, he must not feel too heartbroken because he is still working on another TV work, but he may want to document things that he could have done better. Batis realizes that he has ruined his relationship with Nancy, but that doesn’t stop him on his quest to find true love.

Source: Level Up/Apple Podcasts, Bartise Bowden/Instagram

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