Avatar: The Last Airbender Fan Art Reimagines Adult Zuko In A Snazzy Suit

new Avatar: The Last Airbender Fan art of Zuko growing up in a very trendy outfit. Although it was discontinued over ten years ago, Avatar It has become one of the most talked about pop culture topics this year. Thanks in large part to the launch of Netflix, it has attracted fans old and new. Avatar It has long been considered one of the most popular children’s shows for its three-dimensional characters and innovative world-building. its sequel series, legend of korra, There are also quite a few fans who have recently joined Avatar On Netflix, it helps spark interest in the entire franchise.

in spite of Avatar With so many fan-favorite characters, it’s safe to say that Zuko is one of the most popular. Zuko begins the series as the main antagonist, a prince from the evil Fire Nation on a mission to track down the world’s last hope of peace, the Avatar. Avatar Over time, Zuko undergoes a journey from spoiled royalty to humble hero. Zuko’s character development is often cited as one of the best aspects Avatarthe story of s.

Fan artist Nicko Tumamak recently shared a piece of art that imagines an older Zuko in modern clothing. Zuko in Avatar Only sixteen years old, and this version is much more mature. Honestly, he looks like someone who really fits the style. You can see the snippet below.

Fans actually have a chance to see an older Zuko in the canon – although he’s much older than the one pictured above.exist The legend of korra, Zuko appears as an old man to help the newest avatar, Korra, on her own adventure. Although Zuko won’t be around for long, it’s still interesting to see how his later life ends. Avatar The comics also help fill in parts of his life after the series ends, such as his journey to find his mother, Ursa.

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People are excited (and in some cases nervous) about the upcoming Live-Action Avatar Adaptation in development at Netflix. Fans are hoping the series will be better than previous live-action iterations, the last airbending, but according to recent news AvatarThe creators left the project and people started to worry about how it would turn out again. It is too early to call it a failure, but it will certainly receive a lot of scrutiny. One thing’s for sure, though: If Netflix doesn’t get Zuko right, fans will be very, very upset.

Source: Nicko Tumamak/Instagram

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