August Alsina Accused Tory Lanez For Attacking Him

August Alsina, who shared a photo of blood dripping from his mouth, accused Tory Lanez of beating him up with a group of thugs. Alsin can be seen lying stunned against the wall of the elevator, with blood running down his lips, in the Instagram photo. Alsina detailed everything about this event in her paper, but more evidence is still needed.

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Tory Lanez is accused of assaulting August Alsina.

August Alsina claims in the Instagram photo he posted as proof that he was attacked by rapper Tory Lanez. Alsina said he was about to leave the concert when Tory and a group of bodyguards approached and surrounded him. Tory asks August why he didn’t “kick” him sooner, and August says it was because Tory attacked him a few years ago when he revealed his relationship with Jada Pinkett Smith.

Alsina thinks that Lanez doesn’t love her, so pretending to be friends is pointless. Alsina said that Lanez hit him as he was trying to flee the scene and that it was not a fight but assault. August said Tory’s team filmed the entire event and asked for the clip to be released. Alsina said he uploaded the full content so everyone could see the full story. Meanwhile, Lanez said it was all fake and insisted she was in the studio. For now, an official statement from the Chicago Police Department is required to determine if police will file a complaint.

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Rumors of a feud between August Alsina and Tory Lanez

Rumors of a physical breakdown between August Alsina and Tory Lanez surfaced when @GOTCITYTEA tweeted that they had a fight after an online chat. According to the tweet,

“Tory Lanez took down August Alsina tonight after August went head-to-head with Tory a few months ago over something Tory said.” Tory is trying to show him love, but August has gone too far and is knocked out!

In another tweet, the site added that August was wrong and felt the same way after Tory indicated he wouldn’t “poke” Jada like he did. The post added that Lanez tried to shake hands with Alsina, who ignored him and became hostile.

August Alsina
Neighborhood Talk attempted to corroborate the Instagram story by texting Lanez. He liked it and noticed, saying it was an accident. Alsina is a famous singer who has released albums like Testimony, This Thing Called Live, The Product III: The State of Emergency and others. On the other hand, Lanez is a rapper known for releasing mixtape Conflicts of My Soul: The 416 Story and songs like Say It, Luv, etc.

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