Ashley Russell Has Claimed That Adam Levine Of Maroon 5 Sent Her Flirty Texts

Ashley Russell, a fitness blogger and college student in Alabama, has accused Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine of contacting her on Instagram. The influencer said he started texting her earlier this year. Russell was criticized when four other women reported similar experiences to the artist. Ashley Russell said the conversations started on Instagram on March 13. According to the 21-year-old, the Moves Like Jagger singer will follow her Instagram stories and communicate with her “almost every day.” night at around 10pm”.

Russell, 20 when the two met online, said he always “sees” her Instagram story. She continued:

“He’s more interested in butt stories and often responds with something about legs or butt days at the gym.”

Adam Levine wrote in one of his messages:

“A day for the feet.” The most important and most easily overlooked.”

He asked Russell if he was in college in another message before saying, “Good job. #commitment.” The fitness influencer said the messages stopped coming in after she warned him he would “come across DMing women like me”.

Adam Levine was unmasked by an Alabama student for messaging her on Instagram.

The influencer has 4383 followers on Instagram. Russell’s Instagram is filled with photos of her exercising and showing off her body. “Health x exercise,” it says on her Instagram profile. Russell seems to be new to the influencer community, but that doesn’t stop her from constantly posting to build her following. She also has several Instagram stories that are mostly about fitness. Among the words are “feel,” “exercise,” and “2021.”

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Her last post on Instagram was published just a day ago. It seems that after the workout, the influencer took a selfie in front of the mirror. She also published a series of photos on a carousel in which she flaunted her body. In the title she wrote:

“pictures for the next few weeks”

I need to be more consistent with my creatine, which I (hopefully) will.” The influencer does not appear to be sponsored by any company. However, with a growing fanbase, fans should expect that to happen soon. Ashley Russell said in an interview that Adam Levine’s conversation with her was “weird”. She decided to keep talking to him to see how far their interaction would go. He also allegedly informed her that he had discovered her on Instagram’s Discover page. She revealed:

“He claims he discovered me on Instagram through his Explore Page because he’s a ‘huge fitness freak’ and I have a fitness account.” I know it’s weird, so I wanted to see if it got any worse.

Russell said on Instagram that Adam Levine stopped texting her after she warned him she would be found out. However, he continued to watch her stories. She continued to say,

“I believe this is the true definition of contempt for a woman.” I’m sad that he’s married and he’s acting so immature.”

Adam Levine

She continued to say,

“I wonder what his food looks like… all the young women?” Very strange to me.”

Before Russell’s confession, Instagram model Sumner Stroh was the first to accuse Levine of having an affair. After her, yoga instructor Alanna Zabel accused him of spamming. Maryka, an award-winning comedian and singer, also accused Levine of flirting with them. Behati Prinsloo is the wife of Adam Levine. The couple have two children and are expecting a third. According to a source close to the Victoria’s Secret model, she is “sad but believes there is no physical relationship.”

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