Are you among 2 out of 20 Sharpest Mind who can find Four Colour Names in this 1 Minute Brain Teaser? Try Your Skills!

1 Minute Brain Teaser: The best way to start the weekend is a brain teaser. A brain teaser is a visual puzzle that tests your reasoning skills, visual skills and other abilities that further improve your problem-solving abilities. In contrast to the image above, you need to use your observational and vision sharpness to find the names of four different colours in this image from

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Visual Test: Can you find all four colours?

Brainteasers boost mental capacity and encourage amazing originality and creativity by increasing spontaneity, ingenuity, and adaptability. To solve this visual puzzle, you must have good vision and pay great attention to even the smallest details. As a result, with practice, the capacity to concentrate more intently on details increases, which is advantageous in many real-life situations that need accuracy and precision.


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Look for the Brain Teaser answer here:

Divide the image into sections. Now go through each row and column to not miss any hints. Eventually, you will improve your analytical and reasoning abilities, enabling you to evaluate numerous situations.


I forgot to mention only 33 seconds are left…Tick



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Enough of suspense and the low-key music in the background, let’s jump to the answer.

This brainteaser is actually a great workout. A team can really come together, participate, unwind, and communicate clearly and freely when they are working together on a mission. 

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Do you still need help? Please look at the image below to be sure about the answer. 

all four colour names are hereSource: Brightside.comThe best mental exercises for improving certain cognitive and problem-solving abilities that can be used in both professional and personal contexts are brain teasers. Numerous studies have shown that the more you practice these fascinating visual puzzles, the better you get at them.

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