Are you a people pleaser? Optical illusion gives the answer and it all depends on what you see first

OPTICAL illusions can reveal tons of your hidden personality traits.

This winter scene can determine whether you like people or not, it all depends on what you notice first.


Did you first choose a mountain for a sleepy dog? Credit: TikTok/@charlesmeriot

The illusion shows a rocky mountain peak, but some people first see a cub asleep on a blanket of snow.

But what did you see first?

According to Charles Marriott, each image means something very different, so take a good look.

Posting on TikTok, Charles explained that people who saw the mountain for the first time were usually “kind and friendly.”

You probably avoid conflicts because you don’t like to fight and argue over small or insignificant things.

But it also makes you love people and let others have their way, even if it’s not always in the best way.

It’s another story if you belong to the group of those who saw the dog for the first time.

Most likely, you are very ambitious and have big goals that you want to achieve.

You are also dedicated to achieving your goals and don’t care if it means putting yourself first.

So are you people please or the goal to achieve?

After seeing the illusion on TikTok, people were shocked at the accuracy of its results.

One person commented: “Dog, 100 percent true.”

Another wrote: “I’m a lazy day pup but I don’t like people, I have no filter.”

“I’ve seen both and they describe me perfectly,” said another.

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