Apex Legends & Titanfall’s Nessie Easter Egg Is Now a Real Plush

Retailer Entertainment Earth is partnering with Jakks Pacific on two Nessie-centric Apex Legends plushies; one is a 12-inch exclusive collectible that boasts a functional zipper on the back. Respawn Entertainment’s Nessie Easter egg originally featured in Apex Legends, but also made its way into the studio’s Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond VR title. Evidently, Nessie has become quite the phenomenon for Respawn fans.

The Easter egg is so much of a phenomenon that Jakks Pacific will release a six-inch Nessie plush in May, which fans can preorder now on Entertainment Earth. A $10 figure, this version of the collectible features carefully crafted in-game details, such as a non-functional zipper. It comes with an Easter egg of its own in the form of QR codes, too. Today, the toy manufacturer and retailer announced a 12-inch figure (via Wario64) that will launch exclusively through Entertainment Earth this month. The cuddly $30 figure is available for preorder now and it, too, comes with a QR code sewn into its label. As a bonus, the pricier plush features a functional zipper on Nessie’s back.

The Apex Legends in-game Nessie plushies first began making waves shortly after the battle royale title’s early 2019 release. Players became enamored with the Loch Ness Monster-inspired Easter eggs, affectionately referring to the little hidden creature as Nessie. It seems safe to assume, then, that Jakks Pacific’s real-world plushies will sell like hotcakes. Thus, fans who want one would do well to act fast.

Apex Legends is available to play now on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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Source: Entertainment Earth (1, 2) via Wario64/Twitter

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