Apex Legends Hackers To Blame For Delayed Cross-Progression Update

Looks like the most recent attack target top hero Respawn Entertainment game director Chad Grenier said that they delayed Respawn Entertainment’s work on the game’s cross-development. The studio has been hacked failure And peakThe most recent attack happened yesterday, destroyed giant 2multiplayer server.

In the first day of this month, top hero Hacked as a way to protest the ongoing hacking problem failure 1aimed to draw attention to the multitude of issues that players feel have been intentionally ignored and unresolved by Respawn and EA. During the hacking process, the player has top hero Received many messages saying, “Let’s save Titanfall,‘ while calling on developers to take action to address the issues that are plaguing them failure More than three years.

peak According to its game director, Chad Grenier, fans who have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the cross-development feature in this free battle royale title may have to wait a little longer. top hero, Grenier Indicate a recent hack failure And peak Delay studio progress on this feature, saying “We turn to context to solve real-time game problems.While cross-platform play was introduced in Battle Royale in late 2020, the cross-platform rollout presented additional challenges, and Grenier has previously said that merging users with multiple accounts account after launch will be much more difficult.

Despite loyal fans trying to get attention failureAnd with a record increase in concurrent players during the recent free-to-play weekend, Respawn Entertainment revealed that the studio’s focus has remained unchanged, primarily focusing on top hero. The studio’s community director, Jason Garza, explained to fans that Respawn only has “one or two“Developers are currently working on failure, adding that they haven’t completely forgotten or abandoned the community. Respawn Communications Director Ryan Rigney also sheds light on how the hack was carried out failure influence studio projects, demonstrating the need for “Working weekfor developers to tackle each new hack or exploit.

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Unfortunately, the developers of Respawn had to constantly shift their focus from improving the game to dealing with hacks. failure Fans are frustrated with the state of the game and their extreme approach to their predicament seems to only disappoint both sides. peak developers and players. Considering that each new attack seems to slow down the studio’s progress weekly unless the attacks are stopped, top hero Fans may have to wait a little longer before the crossover is rolled out.

top hero Available on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.

source: Chad Grenier/Twitter

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