Who Is Cheryl Bheem? Meet Anil Bheem Wife Kids And Family

The wife and family of Anil Bheem have received condolences from across Trinidad and Tobago following the tragic death of the music singer and radio personality.

Anil Bheem was a famous musician and radio jockey (RJ) known by his on-air name, “The Vocalist” Bheem.

The late Anil began gaining recognition for his Saturday Morning Chutney train show in the 1990s, and worked hard until he became the leader of the BMRZ group.

Who is Cheryl Bheem? Meet Anil Bheem’s wife

Fans are wondering how Anil Bheem’s wife, Chetryl Bheem, is dealing with the tragic loss of her husband. She is completely devastated by the news of the death of her loved one.

Cheryl was born on July 30, but her birth year is not mentioned anywhere on the internet or on Anil’s social media. However, based on her physical appearance, she is probably in her early 30s.

Anil has always lived a very private life and his social media posting culture has always been low-key and professional; therefore, it is difficult to determine when they started dating.

Late wife of RJ Anil Bheem: Cheryl Bheem (Source: Instagram)

RJ Anil Bheem’s wife, Cheryl Bheem, has an Instagram account, but it is currently private. Her Instagram username is @cbeem, and she currently has around 4313 followers and 342 posts as of this writing.

A video about the marriage of Anil Bheem and Cheryl Dookie Bheem in 2008 was posted on YouTube, proving that they were married for about 15 years until the musician’s tragic death.

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Anil Bheem Children and family

There is limited information about his family and children due to the private nature of the Trinidadian and Tobago singer and RJ.

However, we know that he was born into an Indian family. His accent suggests that he grew up in India and later immigrated to the Caribbean.

The BMRZ star is survived by his beautiful wife Cheryl Dookie Bheem, his two daughters Neelun and Pritivi and his mother Pramatea.

His mother, Pramatee Bheem, is also an Indian singer from Trinidad and Tobago. She has posted more than ten songs on her YouTube.

Anil Bheem and his wife Cheryl Bheem were married for almost 15 years (Source: Instagram)

Unlike his Indian roots, his wife Cheryl is not of Indian descent. They probably met in the Caribbean and eventually began an intimate relationship.

During their 15 years of marriage, they were blessed with two daughters – Prithivi Bheem and Neelum Bheem. Both of her daughters are under 15 and probably in high school.

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Anil Bheem Net Worth Before Death

According to Celeknow, Anil Bheem had an estimated net worth of $1 million before his tragic death on February 4, 2023.

Looking back on his lucrative career, he began working in the RJ field in 1993 as a tech operator in the early days of 103 FM. It is the first Indian music station in the Caribbean country of Trinidad and Tobago.

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The latest single released by Anil Bheem, “The Indian Anthem”, has already surpassed 3 million in just four months.

Bheem has covered several popular Bollywood songs by Indian legends like Kumar Sanu, Mohammad Rafi, Hariharan and Kishore Kumar.

Anil Bheem’s latest song “The Indian Anthem” (Source: YouTube)

Later, Bheem and his friend Saith started an Indian show in the Caribbean radio industry called “Saturday Morning Chutney Train”.

It was the first Indian show in the country and gained great fame. He later began appearing as RJ on Afternoon Delight for a few years.

The death of 103.1FM RJ and singer Anil Bheem was mourned by his family and colleagues on the “Chutney Train” show, BMRZ Group and his local radio station.

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Anil Bheem Family Members Update: Father, Siblings and Grandchildren

The late singer was not only great in his career, but he was also blessed in his private life. He had a great life with his family. According to his wife Cheryl Bheem’s eulogy, Anil loved to spend his free time with his loved ones.

Also, Cheryl mentioned the names of Anil’s father, siblings, and grandchildren in her speech. At Anil’s funeral, the widow said that she is survived by her brothers, Vimy Bheem, Navin Bheem and Devi Bheem.

Cheryl also revealed that she is blessed with three grandchildren. He was the grandfather of Zaya, Ruhi and Raees. Similarly, Anil’s father’s name is Krishna Bheem.

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Furthermore, Cheryl also shared that Anil was a pet lover. The late singer loved spending time with her two dogs, Gucci and Sushi. She was very close to them. Anil’s funeral was held on February 9, 2022. Many of his family and fans gathered to see the legend one last time.

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