An old blind pit bull can’t hide his emotions when his father tries to put on his new contact lenses

An elderly blind pit bull can’t hide his emotions when his father wears new contact lenses for him. The dog’s name is Gremlin. The old dog began to lose his sight.

Very quickly, he saw something very dark around him. The dog had eye surgery but it didn’t help. He lost his sight at a time when his other eye could not see fully. He felt very dark and pitiful. He could see almost nothing.

Gremlin the dog can no longer have eye surgery. The blind dog has a lot of trouble walking around the house. He could not see objects, became very anxious and depressed and even locked himself within the walls of the house.

Step by step, the dog Gremlin began to not socialize with other dogs. He was scared and embarrassed even with the tiniest voices and sounds. All day long he sits alone apart from socializing with brothers and sisters.

Gremlin’s owners couldn’t see how the bubbly dog ​​had become quiet and completely alone in his own world.

They decided to speak to a veterinarian who specializes in risky vitreous implants. When the cataract surgery went awry, they didn’t want Gremlin to undergo another eye surgery.

They made the decision that wearing human eye contact lenses for Gremlin was the right choice. The only problem is that the owner wants to really make sure that Gremlin is safe and sound in this case. They ordered large dioptre contact lenses and fitted contact lenses. Here is the video

It is an exciting and happy time when the dog Gremlin is reunited with his owners. And apparently when the dog Gremlin sees everything, he reverts to his old self, the dog before he went blind.

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