An incredible optical illusion reveals how easy it is to fool your eyes: how many colors can you see?

THIS amazing set of fuel pumps reveals how easy it is to fool your eyes, and has left many a puzzler in a quandary.

The optical illusion uses the concept of Munker-White, which places lines in the background to trick your brain.


How many different colored fuel pumps do you see? Credit: iCompario

The image shows five separate gas stations, each a different color.

Three additional rows simulating the same pattern are below, only every other column has horizontal lines running through it.

The deceptive cheat distorts the original color of the shoes, even though all five are the same color throughout.

How many different shades do you see?

The image was taken by iCompario, who stated: “Although there appears to be a row of different colored fuel pumps, surprisingly there are only five different colours, each row is exactly the same.

“It is believed that the color of the fuel pumps depends on the color used in the lines around the image.

“For example, a red line gives the fuel pump a different perceived color.

“It can trick our brain into seeing some fascinating color changes that aren’t there.”

According to optical illusions expert Michael Bach, the Munker-White illusion showed how much neighborhood affects color perception.

With a lot of practice, optical illusions can improve people’s general intelligence and sharpen their mental awareness.

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