Who Is Amou Haji Of Iran World’s Dirtiest Man, Cause Of Death, Age, Biography, Family, Wife, First Bath News, Net Worth 2022

Amou Haji was the name given by his elders of the dirtiest man of the world and unfortunately he passed away recently, know his age, wife and net worth

Amou Haji hailed from Iran who had not bathed for 65 years was dubbed as the world’s dirtiest man. He left the world at the age of 87.

Know Who Is Amou Haji Of Iran World’s Dirtiest Man, Cause Of Death, Age, Biography, Family, Wife, First Bath News, Net Worth 2022

Who Was Amou Haji

Gentlemen, I regret to inform you that Amou Haji finally had his first bath and then died a few months later. pic.twitter.com/ejCg7WeIgC

— Big ‘Enry VIII (@CountDankulaTV) October 25, 2022

The ‘World’s dirtiest man’ Amou Haji who last showered 65 years ago and lived on a diet of raw animal meat and a pack of cigarettes a day. passed away at 94. He believed soap & water would make him sick. 🙏🏾🕊 pic.twitter.com/C0fZrfdMwH

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This man had not bathed in his life for around 67 years. Amou Haji was 87 and he hailed from Dejgah which is a village in the southern Iranian province of Iran who looked like the Biblical Moses who fell down a chimney. He used to be covered in ash and dirt people many times considered him as a sculpture.

Amou hasn’t bathed for nearly seven decades because he was scared of water. He believed that if he will bath he will fall ill. Cleanliness brings him sickness was the phobia that he died with throughout his life. His favorite meal was the rotten meat of dead animals specially porcupines. Amou loved smoking but it was not tobacco that he enjoyed smoking but in fact he preferred to smoke animal faeces out of a rusty pipe. After going through some emotional setbacks in his youth Haji decided to live an isolated life until he died.

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Amou Hajji had never married and apparently had no family. Haji home is in Dejgah village in the southern province of Fars in Iran and locals of Dejgah village believe that a broken heart was the reason for his way of life.

Amou Haji Latest News

Haji fell ill as locals took him to bathe for the very first time in decades. Later on Haji, His funeral was set on 25th October, 2022 in Farshband city.

He checked his face out in the mirrors of the sided mirrors of passing-by cars to look at his face when he was alive. He drank around 5 litres of water every day from a dirty and large rust tin can. Amou Haji got his hair trimmed by burning them over a fire throughout his life.

Many people are saddened after hearing about Haji’s passing as they used to see him on regular basis in their neighborhood. Also after his demise he is trending on the internet as people are curious to know more about Haji.

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