American Dad Cast Guide: What Every Voice Actor Looks Like

The American Dad! cast has a large assortment of voice actors, and this is what they all look like in real life. The most recognizable of the American Dad! cast is likely Seth MacFarlane, thanks in no small part to his work with Family Guy. However, even beyond MacFarlane, there’s still a lot of other noteworthy talent among the cast, whether it be the main cast or recurring characters.

American Dad! has been on the air for 17 years now, with the show set to enter into season 19 and already being renewed for two more. What started as a satire of George Bush-era America has since evolved into a goofy situational comedy that often borders on the surreal. That sort of writing got more apparent after the show moved to TBS, and it helps to give it a style that makes it stand out from MacFarlane’s other shows like Fox’s Family Guy or The Cleveland Show.

The American Dad! cast features a large pool of talent voicing the characters, many of whom are professional voice actors who have had years of experience with programming for both children and adults. Others are people who have more experience in live-action, but still do a great job, nonetheless.

Seth MacFarlane As Stan & Roger Smith

Like on his other shows, Seth MacFarlane voices a variety of characters in American Dad!, including two of the main characters, Stan and Roger Smith; MacFarlane also voices local news anchor Greg Corbin. In addition to animated shows, MacFarlane has also created and acted in live-action projects such as the Ted duology and A Million Ways to Die in the West. MacFarlane also created and stars in the sci-fi series The Orville, which will have its third season premiere in March 2022.

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Wendy Schaal As Francine Smith

Wendy Schaal as Francine

Wendy Schaal voices Stan Smith’s wife, Francine. In addition to American Dad!, Schaal is known for starring in Joe Dante films such as Innerspace, The ‘Burbs, and Small Soldiers. She also starred in Where the Boys Are ’84, Going Under, and the 1980s television series Airwolf.

Scott Grimes As Steve Smith

Scott Grimes as Steve

Scott Grimes voices Stan and Francine’s son, Steve Smith. Grimes is also known for playing Archie Morris on ER and Will McCorkle on Party of Five. He also co-stars with Seth MacFarlane on Fox’s The Orville as Lieutenant Gordon Malloy.

Rachael MacFarlane As Hayley Smith

Rachael MacFarlane as Hayley

Seth MacFarlane’s younger sister, Rachael MacFarlane, voices Stan and Francine’s daughter, Hayley Smith. In addition to Hayley, Rachael has voiced various characters on both Family Guy and American Dad!, and also voices the Orville’s computer in The Orville. Additionally, she’s also voiced Mindy and Eris in The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy and, more recently, Odalia Blight in The Owl House.

Jeff Fischer As Jeff Fischer

Jeff Fischer voices a fictionalized version of himself who sporadically dates, and later marries, Hayley. Outside of American Dad!, Fischer has voiced Yuj in Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIII-2. He’s also done various voices in shows and movies such as Bob’s Burgers, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and The Spongebob Movie: Sponge on the Run.

Dee Bradley Baker As Klaus Heisler

Dee Bradley Baker as Klaus

Dee Bradley Baker voices Klaus Heisler, the man trapped in a goldfish’s body. Baker has voiced lots of animals and inhuman creatures in animated shows over the years, including Appa and Momo in Avatar: The Last Airbender and Naga and Pabu in The Legend of Korra. Baker also voices all of the clone troopers in the animated Star Wars shows, most recently Star Wars: The Bad Batch.

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Recurring Guest Stars

American Dad Recurring Characters

In addition to the main cast, American Dad! features a wide assortment of voice actors for their recurring characters. Major recurring characters include Steve’s friends Snot, Barry, and Toshi, voiced by Curtis Armstrong, Eddie Kaye Thomas, and Daisuke Suzuki, respectively; Principal Brian Lewis, voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson, and Avery Bullock, voiced by Star Trek‘s Patrick Stewart. Other recurring characters include Jackson, Dick, and Duper, Stan’s coworkers at the CIA voiced by Mike Henry, David Koechner, and Phill Lewis, respectively; Santa Claus, voiced by Matt McKenna, and Buckle and Tuttle, neighbors of the Smiths voiced by Matt McKenna and Richard Kind, respectively.

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