All The New Emojis In iOS 16.4: Shaking Face, Pink Heart, And More

With the release of iOS 16.4, Apple brought 31 new emojis to iPhone users. The last time Apple added new emojis to its mobile operating system was in 2022, when iOS 15.4 introduced support for Emoji 14. The most unique emojis were added to the iPhone in this update. of a pregnant woman. Now, in iOS 16.4, the company has finally added support for Emoji 15.

iOS 16.4 Beta brings 31 new emojis based on Unicode September 2022 recommendation list. These emojis will be available to iPhone users once the final iOS 16.4 update is released. First, there’s a new smiley emoji called “shake face”. It is represented by a surprised, tilted, blurred emoji with lines on either side to indicate a shaking face. According to Emojipedia, face shaking can be used to express strong emotions such as shock, fear, doubt, and excitement.

iOS 16.4 introduces 31 new emojis

iOS 16.4 also includes three new heart emoji colors: pink, light blue, and gray. Users can send these hearts in chat to express love and friendship. New hearts combine with existing colors, including red, purple, green, yellow, orange, etc. Two new hand emojis also debuted in iOS 16.4 — push one hand to the right and push one hand to the left. When used alone, these hands exhibit a gesture of rejecting or pushing it away.

Some users may find the hand push emoji familiar due to its resemblance to the famous Drake hotel meme, showing the rapper raising his hand in refusal. Using these two emoji combinations, users can create a new high five emoji. The Hand Push emoji comes in six different skin tones. The Animal & Nature and Food & Drink categories received eight new emojis, including donkey, elk, goose, wings, jellyfish, water hyacinth, bean pod and ginger. All of these emojis have figurative and literal meanings and can be used in different situations and contexts.

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The iOS 16.4 update also comes with some new emojis that fall under the “Activities”, “Objects” and “Symbols” categories. These include a folding hand fan, a hairpin, a flute, a colored maraca, a wireless emoji, and an emoji representing the Kanda symbol of the Sikh faith. iPhone users will be able to use the new emoji after updating to iOS 16.4 scheduled for release in March.

Source: Emoji Wiki

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