All Billboard Locations in Need For Speed: Unbound

There are many collectibles in Need for Speed: Unbound and players can smash 80 billboards to win rare Adbusting trophies/achievements.

open map Need speed: Unlimited There are many hidden collectibles, including large billboards that players can find at various locations in the area they travel. Crashing these buildings will complete the player’s collection objective and earn a small amount of money. Each billboard will unlock on the map after the player completes the game’s opening missions or if they play online. The progress of destroying these items remains the same regardless of whether the player switches between the available online or story mode.

A total of 80 billboards are scattered throughout the 21 districts, represented on the map by pentagonal symbols with billboard outlines. Players will often find a ramp in front of the billboard, encouraging them to drive quickly through the ad.

The “Adbuster” achievement/title is unlocked when the player destroys each billboard, along with another reward representing 100% completion of the mission. Need speed: Unlimited Named “Clean up”. After the billboard is destroyed, it will eventually respawn as a blank canvas with graffiti on both sides, letting the player know if it has been collected.

Each billboard location is sorted by Need for Speed: Unlimited region

Need Unlimited Speed ​​Drift

Players should note that one of the areas Need speed: Unlimited, Duncan Cove, did not find any billboards. While there may be other items in this section that count as collectibles, such as bears and street art, the player does not need to roam around this part of the map when looking for billboards. Players may also need to accurately calculate angles and velocities as they approach these billboards due to the performance of their cars. Need speed: Unlimited Directly affect their trajectories from the provided ramps to these set datums. According to the MotoGamesTV Youtube channel, here are all the Leaderboards that players can find at: Need speed: Unlimited:


number of billboards


douglas . park


  1. Located on the busy intersection in front of the open park behind.
  2. Construction cranes cross a bridge near the East China Sea border.
  3. The East is adjacent to the port, directly to the highway.
  4. The parking lot of a larger company building is in front of the highway.
  5. Located above the gap between the larger buildings in the city center.

university center


  1. Signed “Speeding? No way out” and located in the construction area in front of the water tower.
  2. Accessible from the roof of the car park next to the factory in the city center.
  3. On the train tracks that drive through the city center, a ramp near the county center allows the player to drive their own car to get here Need speed: Unlimited.
  4. On the southwestern edge of the area, there are several buildings near the upper gas station.
  5. Besides, there is a heavy construction that is illuminated by massive cranes on the highway tunnel.

Cyril’s height


  1. Saw stands in front of an upcoming stadium whose stands can be used as ramps to destroy billboards.

Boulevard of Rose Hill


  1. Located off the main road in front of the main intersection into the area.

sea ​​stream


  1. Go through the main storage area located in the field and then back on the main road.
  2. There is a brick building next to it, locked by a fence that the player can destroy.

Apollonia County


  1. Under the train tracks leading to the intersection overlooking the city center.
  2. Cross a small walkway between two larger glass corporate buildings downtown.
  3. Above the tunnel leading to the north side of the area, the player can get there by drifting Need speed: Unlimitedcity ​​street.

Underwood Garden


  1. Looking down from the intersection, nearby buildings have small trees growing in troughs in front of them.



  1. In the parking lot next to the tracks, the player can enter a ramp further than usual and closer to the north of the area.
  2. There is a ramp down to the tracks below the giant yellow crane, where another billboard can be found.
  3. Next to a factory near the western edge of the district.

North Oaks


  1. Leave the main highway leading to the sea.
  2. Monitor intersections below the upper two segments of major highways.
  3. Cross some unfinished bridges and pass heavy construction.
  4. Passing through the fields below the main road and above is a local restaurant.

griffith park


  1. A more recognizable part of the racing game’s expansion map is located outside an unfinished building in the construction area.
  2. Beneath a hill, the player can reach it through a path that cuts through the park.

yam park


  1. Below the wire on the mount and above some solar panels.
  2. Right in front of one of the farmhouses along the road, you can get there by a trail near a group of pine trees.
  3. Near the windmill along the highway with some light construction next to it.
  4. Near the Red Bridge connecting the district across the river.
  5. Access is via a road in the main park area, in front of the main bridge.

Kennedy Avenue


  1. On the hill next to the main road.
  2. Stop and rest along the winding road upwards.
  3. As the player heads south, they can spot this billboard from the enclosed area of ​​the earth hill.
  4. After descending the hill, you can reach the next section of the highway by following a less traveled path.
  5. Head towards the bottom of this part of the map, above an empty building tube.
  6. Power poles and power lines are visible in front of the intersection.

kennedy test track


  1. Besides the test track facility, the player must travel to the aforementioned path to reach the appropriate ramp.
  2. Go through a forest path and go down the cliff leading to the bridge.
  3. Just follow the path at the edge of the area.

dupoint landscape


  1. Close to major factory facilities in the area, between two main buildings.
  2. After going through the water tower, you can go there by a forest path.
  3. Next is heavy construction along the highway, to the right of the big orange crane.
  4. Under the power tower leading to the main road.
  5. A blocked road near a rocky stretch of highway leads out of the area.
  6. The rocky area along the highway is higher, near the electric wire poles.

belmont l.


  1. Go through a road marked by orange and white cylindrical buildings.
  2. Drive down a mountain road overlooking a nearby gas station.

Saiba Ski Area


  1. Next to the main ski lift.
  2. Located between two spacious pre-construction residential hotel buildings.
  3. Located in the center of the district, above the junction of the main road.
  4. Go through the middle of the ski lift and the nearby windmill.
  5. Along the mountain part of the main road.
  6. Near the cottage on the edge of the area.
  7. Across the street is a larger parking lot, next to two larger corporate-style buildings.
  8. Cross a bridge that leads to another residential hotel in the resort to the south.
  9. Right in the road opposite the wood factory along the way.

lakeside quarry


  1. Along the way, ahead was a heavy construction site.
  2. Near the grain tower, reachable by a metal ramp.
  3. Head past the park’s ranger tower and across a forest trail blocked by orange cones and fences.
  4. Just south of the area, in front of Highway 47.
  5. Located next to the big white dome at the crossroads.
  6. There is a giant yellow crane in front of a large quarry.

jefferson mountain


  1. After a large mound on top of a higher hill.
  2. Along the main road, near a smaller factory.
  3. Near an electric tower off the main road.
  4. In front of the emergency siren tower near the “Saver Subs” billboard.
  5. Located just below the same alarm tower.
  6. Go to an electric tower near the bridge, the exit under the tower leads to Route 88.

Lake Virgil


  1. Next to another power tower, above the bridge connects to the main road.
  2. Easy to find along the upper part of the highway.
  3. Near the visible “Azbo” advertisements along the highway.

water side


  1. Supervisors dominate the major factories in the region.
  2. Inside the factory, right below is a long yellow conveyor belt that runs along the factory.
  3. Below the white and blue part of the big factory building, above the road.
  4. Just outside the chimney along the yellow belt.
  5. Towards the rear of the main factory building.

Southland Avenue


  1. Right in front of the red bridge leading to the water.
  2. On the other side of the aforementioned bridge, next to a white building, there is access by a fenced path along the rocky area across the street.
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