Alex Mansuroglu Wikipedia, Radio 1, BBC, Age, Net Worth

Alex Mansuroglu Wikipedia, Radio 1, BBC, Age, Net Worth

Alex Mansuroglu Wikipedia, Radio 1, BBC, Age, Net Worth – Two renowned radio DJs gave a group of De Montfort Leicester University (DMU) students and alumni a valuable lesson in self-confidence. and communicate.

Alex Mansuroglu Wikipedia, Radio 1, BBC, Age, Net Worth

KISS FM’s Alex Mansuroglu, who also hosts BBC Radio 1’s Early Morning, and KISS FM’s Sam Darlaston and E4 offer advice to aspiring business people applying for the Future BAME Entrepreneurship programme. University of Leicester’s new future on overcoming self-doubt.

The workshop is part of an effort to help Black, Asian and Minority (BAME) students develop their business skills and was held in London.

Alex, who is of Turkish descent, emphasizes to the children that they should embrace their individuality and draw on different life experiences to help them discover who they really are.

“I faced many difficulties because of my ethnicity, but I turned those difficulties into my advantage and accepted that being different from others was a good thing,” he said. Those who merely copy and paste the work of others are bound to fail, although they may succeed in the short term.

I grew up in a small village in the Midlands, Sam continued. The working class is who I am. However, there are people like me who have reached their current position through perseverance and determination. Many people in the media industry have been able to advance because they know someone who has helped them. Keep the faith and move forward.

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An offshoot of the university’s renowned Leicester Future Entrepreneurs programme, the Leicester Future BAME Entrepreneur is funded by the Office of Students.

It was created in response to a 2020 report by the Corporate Bank of England and Oliver Wyman, which stated that entrepreneurs of Asian descent and other ethnic minorities have significantly lower rates of startup success. , while black entrepreneurs reported lower sales and profits than white entrepreneurs.

One of the students who joined the initiative and went to London to see the radio duo was Information and Communication Technology student and Enactus DMU President Komal Shahzadi.

“The session with Sam and Alex was the best trip I’ve ever been on,” she commented. I gained a lot of knowledge during training, especially about the importance of teamwork and communication, knowledge that I will carry with me.

Marcus Dove, a DMU alumnus who has successfully established himself as a respected artist, and We Are PEAC, a tutoring company based in Leicester, presented courses at Leicester’s Future BAME Entrepreneur.

The program is supported by Natasha Mwilia, DMU’s award-winning scholar, mentors from Hello Sales and The Little IP Company, and others. It culminated in a networking session at LCB Depot’s beloved event last Friday.

DMU Head of Entrepreneurship, Simon Baines, says “our students and alumni appreciate the workshops we host in London. Events took place on the second day of the program and by the end the participants had changed.

They had the opportunity to talk about their own struggles and learned that, in fact, most aspiring business owners have feelings of self-doubt. We were all truly impressed and inspired by the personal growth they experienced during this unique week.

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During the upcoming school year, Sam and Alex will visit the university campus to participate in DMUmade’s innovative entrepreneurship program, which is open to all DMU students and graduates, as well as give a speech. at the school’s annual Entrepreneur Day conference.

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