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On September 22, 2022, NBC announced that it would return all three series that make up the popular Law & Order procedural drama franchise. One of several new characters joining the franchise is Alayna Hester, who plays Lily, the daughter of Detective Frank Cosgrove. Below is an article about Alayna Hester. Read on to find out more about Alayna’s work on Law & Order, her net worth, her love life, and more from her.

Alayna Hester On Law and Order

Law & Order season 22 premiered on September 22, 2022. Although details about Alayna joining the show as Frank’s daughter were kept under wraps ahead of the premiere, sneak peeks revealed that Alayna will be taking on the important role of playing to Frank’s daughter on the show. .

Jeffery Donovan (Detective Frank Cosgrove) joined Law & Order as a newcomer when the series rebooted in February 2022. His story continued to unfold in the season 22 premiere.

On September 22, 2022, Alayna announced via an Instagram post that she would be participating in the 3-hour season 22 premiere of Law & Order. She shared some behind-the-scenes photos from the set and some of her favorite paparazzi snaps with the caption: “Meet Lily Cosgrove, your newest addition to the Law & Order cast and daughter of Detective Cosgrove… tune in TONIGHT at 8pm on NBC for the 3-hour season premiere.”

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In the same post, the Law and Order actress also confirmed her appearances in other episodes. She wrote: “Get ready to see more of Lily this season…”

Alayna Hester Movies and TV Shows

Alayna Hester had serious health problems as a teenager. Through her struggles, she gained a unique perspective on life, but also the strength and confidence to pursue her dream of becoming a professional actress.

In an interview with Blade Online, he shared, “After going through so much pain, I realized that life is too short…you have to do what you really want to do.”

Alayna made her television debut in 2018 with the television series TORN. In 2021, she played Paula Maria in the episode “Be Mine” of the television series Tell Me Your Secrets.

As a television actress, Alayna got her big break that same year when she landed the role of Elizabeth Ann McClung on Dopesick. During the production of Dopesicka, she was signed to Los Managers, whose clients include Emma Roberts, Constance Zimmer, Danny Strong and others.

The following year, she played Sadie DeMarco in Tell Me Lies. Finally, in 2022, she was cast as Lily Cosgrove in the NBC original Law & Order.

In addition to television, Alayna has also worked in commercials and theater. Her stage credits include It’s About the Cross and Carol of the Bells.

Alayna also received coaching from various personalities to hone her acting skills. Some of her trainers include Ron Fallica, Allie McCulloch, Dennis LaValle, Carla Meyer and Shari Shaw.

How much is Alayna Hester net worth?

As of September 2022, Alayne Hester’s net worth is estimated to be less than $300K.

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Is Alayna Hester dating?

Alayna Hester is currently dating her boyfriend, Chad Eargle. Judging by Alayna’s Instagram, the two probably started dating in April 2021.

In November 2021, the adorable duo even spent winter break in each other’s company. Alayna posted vacation photos of her on her Instagram.

Alayna with her boyfriend, Chad.

Like Alaina, her boyfriend is also an actor. According to her IMDB profile, she starred in a TV series called The 31 in 2020/2021. Chad also wrote and starred in the short film Carrefour. For education, Chad went to the University of North Carolina at Wilmington.

Additionally, Chad played soccer at Methodist University.

Alayne Hester Age

Born in 2001, Alayna Hester was 21 years old at the time of writing this article in 2022.

Who are Alayne Hester’s parents?

Alayna Hester was born to parents Dr. Mark Hester and Rebecca Hester. Alayna’s parents also celebrated her 25th wedding anniversary on December 17, 2020.

Alayna considers her parents the true heroes of her story. Speaking to, she said: “They are the ultimate example of compassion and dedication… It can’t be easy sleeping countless nights in a hospital chair while her son is hooked up to an IV.”

Alayna’s father, Dr. Mark Hester, is a family medicine physician who works at Novant Health Presbyterian Medical Center. He received his medical degree from the Medical College of Georgia. Alayna’s mother, on the other hand, works at the Medicine Shoppe. Rebecca was educated and trained at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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Alayna Hester’s birthmark

Alayna was an elite athlete until her battle with pectus excavatum and a collapsed lung ended her gymnastics career at the age of 15.

At age 19, Alayna was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. She fought a tough battle and was declared cancer-free on the day of Dopesick’s premiere.

Although Alyana won the battle, it left a scar on her neck, which many people mistake for a birthmark.

Alayne Hester Height

Alayna Hester stands at a below average height of 5 feet 4 inches.

  • When is Alayna Hester’s birthday?

Alayna Hester celebrates her birthday every June 27. On her 21st birthday, she posted a series of photos from the best birthday party of hers thrown by her family.

  • Where is Alayna Hester from?

According to, Alayna Hester is originally from Raleigh, North Carolina.

  • Is Alayna Hester on Instagram and Facebook?

Yes, Alayna Hester is on both Instagram and Facebook. She has close to 2k followers on her IG page @alaynahesterr. Furthermore, she can also be found on Twitter.

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