Ahsoka Episode 7 Recap: 9 Biggest Spoilers & Ending Explained

Warning! This article contains spoilers for Ahsoka episode 7.


  • Ahsoka
    episode 7 confirms its place in the Star Wars timeline after
    The Mandalorian
    season 3, setting up the story’s ending.

  • Trusty droid C-3PO makes an unexpected cameo in support of Hera’s unsanctioned mission to Seatos.
  • Ahsoka trains with Anakin Skywalker’s holovids, showcasing her growth and trauma recovery, while Thrawn learns she was Anakin’s apprentice.

Ahsoka episode 7 is an action-packed addition to the Star Wars series that seeks to set up its upcoming finale with big fights, unexpected twists, and more. Lars Mikkelsen’s Grand Admiral Thrawn and Morgan Elsbeth (Diana Lee Inosanto) are in full cahoots, while Sabine (Natasha Liu Bordizzo) has at last reunited with Eman Esfandi’s Ezra Bridger. Thrawn has a carefully crafted plan to return to the familiar Star Wars galaxy that he’s not keen on changing, and Ezra is hoping to go back home with Sabine. The arrival of Rosario Dawson’s Ahsoka to Peridea puts a pause on all their desires, for better or for worse.

The penultimate episode opens with Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s Hera Syndulla making her case to the New Republic following her unsanctioned mission to help Ahsoka and Sabine on Seatos in episodes 4 and 5. Meanwhile, Ahsoka at last reaches Peridea, where she’s immediately met with the wrath of Thrawn and his meticulous planning. Both the heroine and her adversaries are met with several obstacles as they start to cross paths in seeking what they’ve come to Peridea for. With the finale arriving next week, episode 7 sets up the story’s ending with constant action and plenty of incredible reveals.

9 Ahsoka’s Place In The Star Wars Timeline Confirmed

The opening scene of Ahsoka episode 7 sees Carson Teva arrive at the New Republic court to support Hera after serving at her side on Seatos. He refutes a dismissive claim about Imperial Remnants by calling attention to the events that transpired on Mandalore against Moff Gideon. Teva is, of course, referring to the reclamation of Mandalore led by Bo-Katan Kryze and Din Djarin in The Mandalorian season 3. Time in this story, then, has passed enough for the new and finer details of what went down on Mandalore to have spread throughout the New Republic. This detail officially sets Ahsoka after the events of The Mandalorian season 3, which has long since been speculated.

8 Ahsoka Episode 7 Gives An Unexpected Star Wars Cameo – C-3PO

C-3PO stands alongside Hera Syndulla in place of Leia in Ahsoka episode 7.

The trusty droid C-3PO himself has returned to Star Wars to stand in place of none other than Leia Organa, with Anthony Daniels reprising his iconic role. The beloved senator herself does not appear, but sends C-3PO in support of Hera and her unsanctioned mission to Seatos. Leia was previously mentioned in Ahsoka episode 5 by Teva, who told Hera that the senator was actively trying to cover for them. Now, C-3PO confirms that Leia is on Hera’s side, and that’s enough to draw the concern of Chancellor Mon Mothma herself.

7 Ahsoka Trains With Anakin Skywalker’s Holovids

Holovid of Hayden Christensen's Anakin Skywalker in Ahsoka episode 7.

Hayden Christensen is back once again as Anakin Skywalker, and this time, it’s to help directly with Ahsoka’s training. The holovids are very reminiscent of the training sessions Anakin would hold for Ahsoka as seen in Tales of the Jedi, specifically highlighting his desire to help her protect herself. For the first time since early in the series, Ahsoka is actively using both her lightsabers in the way Anakin initially taught her. She also reveals to Huyang that Anakin recorded twenty holovids for her to train with, and the droid is surprised to hear about it. This means Ahsoka had previously kept them a secret, and her telling Huyang about them as well as using them now reveals just how much Ahsoka has overcome her trauma thanks to her experience with Anakin in the World Between Worlds in episode 5.

6 Thrawn Learns Ahsoka Is Anakin Skywalker’s Apprentice

Grand Admiral Thrawn learns of Ahsoka being Anakin's apprentice in Ahsoka episode 7.

Grand Admiral Thrawn is one of the few who knows that Anakin Skywalker is Darth Vader, but in episode 7, he finds out that Anakin had an apprentice – and that it was Ahsoka. As someone who served at Anakin’s and Vader’s sides before, Thrawn is familiar with Anakin’s power, and there’s no doubt the thought of Ahsoka inheriting even a fraction of that power scares him if even for just a moment. Thrawn does, however, quickly gain the clarity to use his experiences with Anakin and Vader to predict Ahsoka’s next moves, as he knows she’ll seek to do things her way – and all he’ll have to do is follow.

5 Ahsoka Episode 7 Confirms Sabine Is Officially Force-Sensitive

Sabine hears Ahsoka's call through the Force in Ahsoka episode 7.

After a thrilling chase through the debris ring of Peridea, Ahsoka reaches out to Sabine in order to locate her. Sabine is able to answer that call through the Force in a way that’s fully reminiscent of Luke Skywalker and Leia in Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back. Sabine describes the feeling to Ezra as “familiar,” which hints Sabine’s truly had the Force in her all along. This has been teased a few times already in the series, and now, a shift has occurred in Sabine strong enough to let her attune to the feeling of the Force that flows through her.

4 Baylan Has His Own Agenda In Ahsoka Episode 7

Baylan Skoll watches Shin Hati pursue Sabine and Ezra in Ahsoka episode 7.

In one of the episode’s most shocking twists, Baylan Skoll has decided to split from his Padawan Shin Hati in favor of pursuing his secret agenda. What he seeks is still unknown, but it proves to be a big disruption in Thrawn’s plans, as Baylan’s now become a variable Thrawn cannot control – just like Sabine. Aurebesh letters on Baylan’s wrist device throughout the series have been pointing towards a theory that Baylan has a secret mission to kill the Skywalkers, but he’s been telling Shin that what he seeks is a power neither the Jedi nor the Sith could ever conceive of, and that’s what he wants to pursue.

3 Ahsoka Night Trooper Theory Debunked – The Night Troopers Aren’t Undead

Thrawn's Night Troopers surround Sabine and Ezra in Ahsoka episode 7.

When fighting Thrawn’s Night Troopers in episode 7, Sabine, Ezra, and Ahsoka take out quite a few of them. None of the troopers die like Inquisitor Marrok did, as the mercenary animated by Nightsister magick burst with a cloud of green smoke upon being slashed by Ahsoka’s lightsaber in episode 4. The lack of this green smoke upon the Night Troopers’ deaths debunks a popular theory that the army is undead, though this might not be the case for all of Thrawn’s forces. Captain Enoch remains untouched, and several hints point towards him being composed of Nightsister magick similarly to how Marrok was.

2 Ahsoka Believes Shin Can Be Redeemed

Ahsoka invites Shin Hati to seek redemption in Ahsoka episode 7.

When Shin is left without forces to back her up and no master to come and save her, Ahsoka offers her hand to help Shin on the path to redemption. Shin has declined for offer for now and instead has run away, but it’s clear that Ahsoka’s invitation for Shin will be considered by Baylan’s apprentice. Ahsoka must have seen glimpses of the light side within Shin to make this offer, which could continue to grow within Shin now that she’s been disillusioned by her own master’s drastic change in plans. Viewers have been hoping to see Sabine get the redemption arc that Kylo Ren never did, and Ahsoka’s invitation takes that hope one major step forward.

1 Ahsoka, Ezra, & Sabine Share A Joyful Reunion

Sabine watches Ezra and Ahsoka embrace in Ahsoka episode 7.

At long last, Ahsoka, Ezra, and Sabine are all reunited at the conclusion of episode 7. Sabine is able to see that her master hasn’t died, and Ahsoka gets to see Ezra for the first time since he saved her in the World Between Worlds in Star Wars Rebels season 4. It’s nothing short of a joyful moment, and one that’s long since been in the making. What still lingers is Sabine’s inability to be honest with Ezra about how exactly she got to Peridea in the first place. Despite this, the moment is touching for those who have been waiting to see this trio reunited ever since the Rebels epilogue first established Ahsoka’s and Sabine’s quest to find Ezra.

Ahsoka episode 7 ends on the joyful and hopeful note of Ezra finally returning home, but the shadow of Thrawn’s plan continues to loom over them. He knows that it’s time working against the Jedi trio, and should Thrawn escape Peridea before the three of them, the Jedi would have no way back to the familiar Star Wars galaxy. There’s plenty of action that awaits in the Ahsoka finale as the threat of Thrawn’s return draws closer and closer, though the light of these three Jedi reunited could be enough to displace his dark shadow.

Ahsoka releases new episodes Tuesdays at 6 pm PT / 9 pm ET on Disney+.

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