Abandoned dog must eat leaves to survive

The bulldog is in terrible shape. She has a skin infection. She was freezing cold and eating disorderly.

The dog is eating leaves on the street. The scene was so touching. She must eat leaves to live. It’s scary when people abandon their dogs in such a state.

Fortunately, the staff of the rescue company Beskućne Šape came to the aid of the dog. They wrap the dog with a towel.

Two lifeguards took the dog to the vet. The dog was in bad condition and it was difficult for her to take her temperature.

After warming up, the dog begins to eat. The dog was treated step by step. Her condition has improved. She is named Pumpkin.

After a while, she gets stronger and the hair grows out. She was adopted by a caring and loving family. Thanks to Homeless Paws rescue company, the dog was saved.

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