A touching scene. A loyal golden retriever refuses to leave her owner after she passed out on the street

Golden Retriever is very loyal to its owner. The dog does not leave the owner The dog and its owner are inseparable.

Unfortunately, its owner passed out on the street and the dog refused to go anywhere. An ambulance was called.

Since the dog was very loyal to its owner and didn’t want to leave her side, they let the dog go with them in the ambulance.

The dog waited patiently. She walked around the woman until she realized that her master’s condition had improved. The dog is a guardian angel for the woman.

The dog was also released into the treatment room. When the woman regained consciousness, the first thing she said was her favorite dog.

When the dog saw its owner, it was overjoyed and elated to see her in good condition. Both are true and loyal friends.

Here is the video:


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