A starving dog hopelessly wags its tail at passersby, in the great hope that they will free it.

Many problems only adapt to owner neglect after people fail to see that just giving their pet food and water is not enough.

Animals with lively personalities want love and attention, in essence they need long walks and human attention, but unfortunately not all dogs experience this.

Mist example Pip is unlucky to be a dog in a family that doesn’t have time for it.

Ever since he was adopted, he had been placed in a crate in the yard and had no one to play with, even though he desperately wanted a friend to play with.

When Pip saw that a man was getting stupid, he began to wag his tail merrily, but to no avail, his masters did not see his bubbly nature; he was never patted or petted.

Fortunately, that all changed when PETA’s outreach officers discovered Pip. They wanted to take that soul out of that lifestyle and they succeeded in it and my pet dog finally got the pets he so desperately craved.

The cute little dog has gone through the wild and a life of adventure awaits him. A few days after being rescued, he was adopted by a new family and now he is the happiest dog.

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