A small orphan dog is very sad and depressed because its owner had to sell the cow that became its mother.

Animals radiate love and care, and often astound us with their unconditional and one-of-a-kind love. Many people do not notice this love. In this story, a small dog surprises us and cries. This story is very emotional. The hero of the story is named Rookie. Rookie is a friendly little dog that has an unusual partner.

The dog’s residence is a farm. All his friends are farm animals. The dog is an orphan and has had to live without a mother since he was born.

Fortunately, he has a very unique and unusual partner. The cow is just the mother of the orphaned dog on the farm.

The owners of the farm are very kind people and love animals, but unfortunately the owners of the farm are in a bad economic situation and have made a very difficult decision to sell their animals. dog’s favorite cow. Knowing this, the cow was stressed and began to cry very loudly. The dog feels the pain of losing the puppy.

The owner of the rookie was also very sad and heartbroken. But they couldn’t do anything, only sell the cow. The dog does not want to eat anything and does not want and refuses to invent a new partner.

After selling this cow, the dog did a very strange thing. The dog ran away from the farm to find the mother cow that had been sold. When the dog saw the cow, it appeared very excited and happy. He ran towards the cow. The dog jumps madly. He just moved his tail.

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This encounter between the dog and the cow represents their strong friendship. Two people can’t do without each other. The ranchers couldn’t see how miserable the cow and dog were, so they decided to buy the cow and return it to the dog. This time the dog expressed happiness with tears.

Please share this touching and heartbreaking story of a dog and a mother cow with your family and friends. This is a true example of true loyalty and friendship.

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