A random cat shows up at a fashion show and gives the word “catwalk” its true meaning

The cat that appeared on the catwalk gave the real and true meaning of the word “catwalk”.

Models walk the catwalk at the Esmond International Fashion Show. The model shows off a costume designed by Göksen Hakkı Ali.

The show was held at the Esmarr Square shopping center in Istanbul. A feral cat has come to the catwalk to steal the show.

The cat started scratching and taking the model’s clothes. The cat looks quite worried. In the middle of the catwalk, the cat poses very wild.

All cameras have captured the adorable cat and the cat is enjoying the attention it is receiving.

What he doesn’t really like is being on the catwalk with other models.

The cat tried to distract everyone from the model. The cat didn’t win the show, but the cat won the hearts of many.

Today we know why people call it catwalk because these photos are a real proof of the meaning of the word.

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