A new visual challenge: these photos contain lies that only geniuses can detect

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If you’re a Depor fan, you’re done Visual challenge with matches or Visual challenges are always tough. But now you will see other levels. This time we have a challenge that has gone viral on the internet due to its high complexity. What should you do? Easy, Look at the picture carefully and find out in just 5 seconds if the man lied about the trip to Antarctica.

Good this one visual challenge developed to raise all your mental abilities to a higher level, so you will have to pay careful attention and not trust yourself like millions of users social network EQUAL Facebook IN CURRENTLY And Mexicoin which more 93 percent of those who tried to solve it were notoriously successful on the first attempt..

Therefore, what we show you below is history maurowho was absent from work, according to him, to to go to the remote and hospitable Antarctic; His boss asked him to provide proof of this and he sent photos almost daily, but to everyone’s surprise, when he returned to the office, he was fired. , assure him that he lied to them, but he assures that he didn’t, so your task is to find out if the boy is telling the truth or not, but that’s all what you have to do 5 seconds.

Look at the picture of the visual challenge

Alright, before we deal with this logic challengeyou have to consider that you don’t have stats or timing in your favor so it’s important that you have some very well supported abilities such as visual agility jealous, but ia skillful spirit above average.

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The full picture of the viral challenge. (Photo: Cool Guru)

An intuitive solution to the challenge

We got to the end. Can you spot Mauro’s alleged lie to his boss? Not yet? Don’t worry, we know it’s hard to find a solution to this picture puzzle; so we suggest you give yourself a second chance, you might have better luck. However, if your search still doesn’t bring up the expected results, we invite you Scroll down to find the answer.

Viral challenge solved.  (Photo: Cool Guru)Viral challenge solved. (Photo: Cool Guru)

Before you go, here’s a YouTube video where you can get a close-up look at what Antarctica actually looks like and how some myths about it have been debunked.

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